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The WeWalk Smart Cane
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The WeWalk Smart Cane

The WeWalk smart cane uses Google map, it allows a user with disabilities to enjoy more mobility through correct navigation. The WeWalk smart cane was invented by Kursat Ceylan, CEO and co-founder of Young Guru Academy (YGA). 

We are now in the era of artificial intelligence (AI), many products have been reinvented through artificial intelligence (AI) technology. From smartphone to smart wheelchairs, the power of technology would help us attain more mobility and accessibility. The invention of WeWalk smart cane will really help people with disabilities at public places. The WeWalk smart cane is equipped with built-in speakers, a voice assistant, Google, and sensors that send vibrations to warn about obstacles above chest level.

"A lot of the newest technological creations out there are dedicated to helping people, there are many which contribute to our well being, especially to those of us with disability, I have autism and a limited mobility, I prefer to walk with a cane than being on a wheelchair but I sometimes miss my route to places without a caregiver giving me directions. Now, with the introduction of WeWalk smart cane I can move freely and independently without missing my route," Jane a student at the University of Washington said. 

The WeWalk smart cane can be used by anybody who has a disability because it helps navigate their surroundings efficiently.

"I am visually impaired, I know the challenges faced by people with disabilities, so I invented something that could greatly improve the lives of people with disabilities. We cannot continue to use a plain stick when we already have a smart wheelchair. When I am at the Metro station, I don’t know which is my exit, which bus is approaching, which stores are around me. That kind of information can be provided with the WeWalk,” Kursat Ceylan said. 

The WeWalk smart cane is available online for around $500.

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