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The ‘Wheelchair Boy’ Award for Best Picture
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The ‘Wheelchair Boy’ Award for Best Picture

…goes to The Theory of Everything (obviously).

 It goes without saying that the best film I have seen in recent times (closely followed by American Sniper and Selma) is the one about an able bodied person whose body gradually deteriorates, forcing him to use a wheelchair full-time. That particular part of the story really struck a chord with me because I too was diagnosed with a condition that transformed my life. Friedreich’s Ataxia is not as bad as motor neuron disease but it is progressive and similar in the way that I went from walking normally to stumbling like a drunk to being permanently wheelchair bound. My gradual decline has been similar.

When you type in to an unspecified search engine ‘what awards did The Theory of Everything win?’, it comes up with the main gongs the critically acclaimed film has received over the past month or so. The movie itself picked up the Award for Best British Film and the Award for Best Screenplay, Adapted at the prestigious BAFTA ceremony last month while composer Jóhan Jóhansson won the Golden Globe for Best Original Score. Actor Eddie Redmayne singlehandedly cleaned up for his portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking, taking the Award for Best Actor at the Oscars, the BAFTA’s, the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild.

However, the film should have definitely won more awards than the seven it did, in my opinion. It was nominated in nearly every category at the various award shows but narrowly missed out on most. The person I feel most sorry for is Felicity Jones who, having heard Jane Hawking on the radio, played the leading lady magnificently and deserved a significant award or two. Not only did those in the main roles put in exceptional performances, the story itself was just incredible and hopefully will change the way disabled people are seen/perceived.





Author update: On a side note but much more important to me personally, I need a new wheelchair so that I can transfer in and out of my car without it. The total cost of the system is a staggeringly high £3734 ($5615), which I cannot afford. However, I need the adaption as soon as possible because I have fallen over a few times in the past week alone and it is only a matter of time before I get seriously hurt. I have therefore started a crowdfunding campaign where people can donate whatever they can afford. I wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t an important piece of equipment.



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