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The search for the ultimate CP proof athletic footwear continues
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The search for the ultimate CP proof athletic footwear continues

 The shoes are out there! My search continues! I’m looking for shoes that hold up to that crazy breed of people known only as “ Disabilous Sportsaddictus” Yeah, I’m talking to you! 

The “Disabled” population of folks that go out every day and break the “rules” of disability by doing things no one expects us to do... Like, Exercise, or work hard, or have fun... or have fun working hard...Right? But we do.

Because I work hard when I work or workout, I wear out my shoes. Mostly my left shoe. I have CP, I drag my left foot when I walk. In the last few months, I have written a post here about the wear and tear on the Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 shoes with the  FlyEase zippers that Nike was kind enough to send me in September. For more information on how this all came about see my previous articles on the search for The Unholey Grail.

I am currently preparing to complete a third Virtual Marathon. This one is for The upcoming 50th Anniversary Of The Apollo 12 Mission. I have signed on to complete a half Marathon. (13.1 miles). Earlier this year I did a 10K for the Apollo 11 Mission’s 50th Anniversary. I also did a full Marathon (26.5 miles) for The Grand Canyon Centennial Anniversary. I did these through a group called: VRC, Virtual Run Club. The advantage of a virtual marathon for disabled people who want to participate in that in a virtual marathon you can go at your own pace. You are still putting in the miles, and logging in your time in order to receive credit. But, you go at your own pace, on your own time...anytime. I think it’s great. Check it out. 

Back to my shoes: Let me first say: I honestly love these shoes. They are comfortable, lightweight, and super easy to get on and off. However, my left shoe, like all my shoes ever... is starting to show some serious wear after only 3 months. Even though I alternate my shoes daily with another pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus shoes. This helps prevent even faster deterioration of the shoes I use. So you see ( see the photo of my left shoe) CP is tough on shoes! Add to that an active athlete with CP and the challenge is even greater. Nike has asked me to keep them updated on the wear and tear on my shoes as well. My hope is that maybe the info I provide might help them come up with an even greater shoe for active disabled people on the go like you and me...  I’ll keep You posted. Til next time y’all, Keep Movin.

Image credit: Arnie Slater

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