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The truth
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The truth

Reading through the other posts on Rolling Without Limits (which are brilliant by the way), I thought it would be nice to provide a different perspective on disability. One from across the pond. Some of you have probably never been to Great Britain but no doubt saw the successful Paralympics in 2012. The whole event ran smoothly and made it look like disabled people are treated as complete equals in the United Kingdom. However, that is not the case. The handicapped are no longer locked away in asylum type buildings but that doesn’t mean we’re on a level playing field. Discrimination is cleverly hidden by the law makers nowadays.

I am no way comparing the British government to the Nazis but policies created by the ruling classes at the moment strike fear into disabled people and contribute to an overwhelming sense that we are despised as a group. I am sure if the elites in charge could get away with it, they would have the handicapped scum (particularly those who find it difficult to work) exterminated from society. The only thing preventing them is an international backlash. You’ve only got to look at the outrage when Hitler tried to ‘get rid’ of the disabled population in Nazi Germany.

The decisions made by Westminster in recent times clearly illustrate this constant attack on disabled members of society. I’m referring to benefits being slashed, the handicapped being forced to financially contribute to their care costs and hardly any fully accessible accommodation being built to name but a few. I know that people outside the UK who live in a country without a welfare system will be a tad confused why I’m upset about policies such as these. It’s simply because Britain prides itself on caring for the sick and vulnerable yet is seemingly trying to push out the neediest by making them poorer, financially as well as with regards to quality of life.

Apologies if my point makes for strong reading but I’m passionate about disability rights and I want to get the message out that Britain does not care about disabled people as much as their PR machine would have you believe. The 2012 Paralympics was an amazing spectacle but in my opinion, it was an all singing and all dancing cover up to keep the world on side. A distraction from the real issues.

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  1. Alison Page
    Alison Page
    Well said that man! 2012 was indeed a great spectacle but it all smacked somewhat of 'ticking the right boxes' to me.
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