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Things You Should Know About Mothers Using Wheelchairs
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Things You Should Know About Mothers Using Wheelchairs

Some people have a certain impression regarding people using a wheelchair, especially mothers. It's time to burst the bubble and know the reality of mothers using the wheelchair.

Introducing Alana Nichols

She broke her back after hitting a rock at the age of 17 while performing a snowboarding trick. This made her paralyzed all the way down from her waist. Now, she is 36 and has a seven-month-old baby, Gunnar.

Professional Life

She is a professional athlete and first female to win a gold medal in U.S. Paralympian during Summer Games in Wheelchair Basketball. Apart from being an athlete, she was recently chosen to be the Women’s Sports Foundation president.

While it is not easy to be a parent for anyone, one needs to face special challenges to be in a wheelchair while parenting. Just like any other mother, Alana Nichols feels exhausted and love coinciding at once. The only difference between her motherhood and many other mothers’ journey is just a wheelchair.

Nichols shared a few things that she wishes everyone to know about:

1. Parents in the wheelchair don't need "pity"

Nichols says she really loves her life and while breaking her back was devastating, it was also an important event of her life as it became a byproduct of finding herself again. Being an athlete provided her with various opportunities and a platform that a lot of people don't achieve.

2. Science and Technology

She mentioned how great it is to be alive in this modern world as medical science is coming up with technology to make wheelchair users' life easier. It is extremely exciting to even think about walking someday.

3. Having Children being a wheelchair user

Nichol mentioned how surprised other people get when they know she is a mother as there is a huge misconception among people that women in a wheelchair can deliver a baby or carry them.

4. Parents in Wheelchair are self-sufficient

It is a tendency in abled people to assume that mothers using a wheelchair is in constant need of help while the truth is, they can handle their baby pretty well.


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  1. Queen of Wheels
    I was in a car accident when I was 17 and became a T-10 T-11 paraplegic. I had 4 children and now I am a grandma of 3. I adjusted to figuring things out through trial and error. I am now 65 and I love my life.
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