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This Dog Rocks Her Mini Wheelchair
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This Dog Rocks Her Mini Wheelchair

It's often said that anyone who doesn't like dogs is not to be trusted. The saying has some truth to it. After all, who could treat such a loveable creature with a semblance of cruelty? A recent example of this cruelty is the treatment that Frances received at the hands of an anonymous person in Philadelphia. The adorable dachshund was found in a trash bag, and a closer inspection proved that she had a broken spine. However, she now has a second chance at the life she deserves thanks to the mini wheelchair she has been gifted.

Discovered by Good Fate

The Pennsylvania SPCA immediately took Frances under their care when they discovered her, and she now rocks her canine mini wheelchair. Having overcome the trauma she underwent before being found, Frances was given into the care of a loving family recently.

According to Pennsylvania SPCA’s spokeswoman, Gillian Kocher, the dog had been suffering for upwards of 24 hours before she was found. With the help of some very proficient veterinarians at Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital, it was discovered that Frances had sustained an irreversible spinal injury and would need a canine wheelchair if she were to walk again.

A Legacy Over a Century Old

It has been around 150 years since the PSPCA was founded, and today it is the state’s leading animal welfare organization. In addition to this, it also has the merit of being the state’s largest and most comprehensive animal welfare organization. It was founded in the year 1867 by a businessman who wanted to bring the abuse of the city’s working horses to an end with the conception of state laws protecting animals as well as subsequent enforcement. 

The PSPCA is responsible for rescuing animals from brutality and mistreatment, providing them with medical and behavioral rehabilitation, and helping them become a part of new, loving families. With the help of their humane law enforcement and litigation division, behavior and enrichment program, humane education, low-cost veterinary services, in-house shelter hospital, and settlement of abandoned animals in affectionate homes, they bring their mission to life.

A New Life for Frances

In spite of the conditions in which she was found, Frances is still thriving as she rocks her mini-wheelchair. Kocher has studied her behavior deeply throughout her rehabilitation period. She is hopeful that Frances’ ‘spunky’ personality will make it easier for her to deal with her future life. Just like any dog, Frances loves being held and cared for, and becomes the center of attention, thanks to her playfulness.

The PSPCA’s Director of Humane Law Enforcement, Nicole Wilson, has urged anyone who has the slightest idea as to how Frances ended up in her condition to come forward. Frances is now part of a loving family from Annville, Pennsylvania. The family already has two dachshunds who are now to become Frances’ siblings. 

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