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This Wheelchair gets an $11 Million Push
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This Wheelchair gets an $11 Million Push

With today’s technology, countless products are created, built, invented and transformed. The wheelchair is a perfect example of a design that has been invented, redesigned, and revolutionized into a more useful product as technology progresses. But today, a new wheelchair is introduced. And it had an $11 million budget.

Experts and engineers at the automotive industry of Whill Inc. designed and manufactured a new type of wheelchair. But to them it is not a wheelchair, it is an “omnidirectional 4WD mobility device.”

The production of this high tech mobility aid cost an astonishing $11 million, and the company raised that amount through campaigns, like Kickstarter, and through several other start ups. Companies such as Itochu Technology Ventures and Kamiya Manufacture Group also donated a generous amount to help raise that incredibly huge budget.

The designers of the company, wherein some are veteran experts from Toyota Motor Corporation and Nissan Motor Corporation, ingeniously created and fashioned this high tech device for about one and a half years. They call it the Model A.

Model A was built and designed to do better than the standard wheelchair. Here are some of the fascinating features and functions of this new mobility device:

  • It has omnidirectional 4WD (or four-wheel-drive). – The device is created with the amazing ability to fully rotate in all directions, hence the name 'omnidirectional mobility device'. It has an all-around wheel technology that enables the user to maneuver the equipment faster and with ease as it goes in tight spaces and corners as well as in varied terrain.
  • It can go through any path. – Model A is capable of conquering steep hills and rough terrains. In fact, it can go through and ride over anything – be it grass, dirt, snow and gravel – with ease. Thanks to its large front wheels and high power turning force or torque.
  • It is capable of clearing obstacles. – It is built with a 3-inch obstacle clearance feature that enables the user to move the device with more flexibility and terrain or ground mobility.
  • It allows the user to move freely. – Model A’s arm rests can be lifted in an upward position and can be moved out of the users' way, allowing them to have more space to move freely.
  • It has a customizable controller. – The controllers of Model A are highly adjustable and interchangeable. It can be customized so that it can cater left-handed and right-handed users. Also, the controllers come in different models – they can be mouse control model or joystick control model.
  • It has a sliding seat. – The Model A’s seat is designed to glide forward and back. It allows users to transfer easily and smoothly on and off the device by sliding the seat.
  • It has a place for your valuables. – The mobility device is created with a subtle hanger on the backrest where the users can hang their backpacks. In that way, anyone using the Model A can take the things he needs wherever he desires to go.

With an amazing $11 million budget and with technology’s miracles, the Model A or the omnidirectional 4WD mobility equipment is made available. With this high tech device, a lot of people will be able to go to places they have never been before using the standard wheelchair.


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