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This Zoo Will Soon Get Wheelchair Accessible Swings
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This Zoo Will Soon Get Wheelchair Accessible Swings

One of the places children love to visit is the zoo. That is why a certain zoo at Peterborough will soon get wheelchair accessible swings.

Early this summer, Jennifer and James Todd visited the Riverview Park and Zoo, located north of downtown Peterborough, with a friend their son Parker. While all the other kids were enjoying the swing and other things in the park’s playground, the young lad just stayed on his wheelchair watching them. That sight gave Jennifer and James the idea of installing wheelchair accessible swings.

The couple knew that with accessible swings, it’s not only Parker who will benefit from it but also all the other kids who use a wheelchair. That is why they pursued the idea and proposed it to the management of Riverview. They then organized how to raise funds for those swings.

Jennifer, who first thought of the idea, said that putting wheelchair accessible swings on the Riverview’s playground will be a great way to let all children enjoy swinging.

But the Todds were aware that installing such swings will be quite expensive. For that reason, they set up an account at a fundraising and crowdsourcing website, gofundme, to campaign for the equipment.

James thought that it would take several weeks for them to raise at least $2,000 - $3,000. But to their astonishment, in just about a month and a half, they were able to raise $15,000. They were not expecting such generosity and support from other people.

Jim Moloney, the zoo’s curator and manager, said that Riverview’s officials had already allotted the needed amount so that the accessible equipment will be installed as soon as possible. The equipment, namely bucket-type swings with safety straps, will be soon available for kids who use wheelchairs. Moloney also added that he never thought this project would come to a reality sooner than expected.

The money raised for the project did not only come from the gofundme account. Organizations such as Community Living Peterborough also donated and supported the project. Other people also dropped by to the zoo’s office to give money.

With the soon-to-be installed wheelchair accessible swings, Riverview Park and Zoo will never be the same. Kids will be able to experience a new kind of fun and enjoyment.

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