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This is how we Roll: Demanding WCA Equipment at Your Local Gym
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This is how we Roll: Demanding WCA Equipment at Your Local Gym

This is how we ROLL.  Working in the fitness industry for over thirty-three years in America and Sweden, I have never encountered exercise equipment or classes for the handicap. International fitness franchises such as Gold gym and LesMILLS, to my knowledge offer no such classes for the population in wheelchairs. Perhaps you have entertained joining your local gym? I can understand that can be a a little intimidating, especially when you arrive in your wheelchair. These questions may arise:

1) Is the entrance to your fitness center WCA? (Wheel Chair Accessible)

2) Are the bathrooms, showers WCA?

3) Is the equipment WCA?

4) Is the staff educated on training those in a WC?

5) Personal Training Educations, currently do not offer training education for the handicap population?

I have taken the liberty of writing letters to Life Fitness and Jordan Fitness, offering them functional education for the handicap. They have not yet responded to my invitation. There is one company however, who is leading the way.

That company is Pulse Fitness.

Yes, Pulse Fitness is WCA. With a click of a button, you can push the chair on a bench press machine aside, allowing you to roll up with your wheelchair. This gives you the ability to effectively, train your chest, shoulders and triceps. The entire line of Pulse equipment, is WCA. With Pulse equipment, you roll through your workouts, with high intensity.

The focus is on working out, while not being forced to transfer in and out of your wheelchair. We have Pulse equipment at our local fitness center. Our members are satisfied with the caliber of these machines. Please thoroughly investigate and research Pulse, and other fitness companies. Ask your fitness center to consider this type of equipment in your gym. The technology and training is always evolving. Reach your goals. This is how we roll!

Best Regards,

The Maryville kid, Frank Molina  


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  1. pftsusan
    Thank you Frank. I am also a personal trainer. My certification, NESTA, does cover this. This is something to look into, and it is a great post. I just added you to my bloggers.
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    1. The Maryville Kid
      The Maryville Kid
      Appreciate your feedback. You have encouraged me to educate others, on this importort issue! THANK YOU!!
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  2. crash 86
    crash 86
    I have been in gyms for 22 yrs and my injury was 27 yrs ago. I have never been to any gym, not even big chain gyms like LA Fitness where they have WC Equipment, do to the price of it and the cost of owning something that would not get used. I live in a small town and I have been at the same gym since 97 and they have some Hammer Strength equipment so I do transfer on and off but I have had to come up with allot of exercises on my own by using some equipment really like it wasn't intended for but it works. I think if more people just realized they don't need all the new WC Equipment I think there would be allot more wheelchair users in Gyms. U just have to be strong willed and really want to exercise or you will find any excuse not to. I Race Handcycles so I really have to workout plus it helps in everyday life of being in a chair. That's why I have been able to keep my weight down and why my life is so much easier. So no excuses people get out there and move!
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    1. The Maryville Kid
      The Maryville Kid
      Thank you, for sharing your thoughts. Best regards. Frank
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  3. Marc
    Frank-look at "The Wheelchair Gym", 10 plus WCA exercises; one machine.
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    1. The Maryville Kid
      The Maryville Kid
      Hi Marc Thanks, for the tip . Will check out the website. Take care Frank Molina Domaregatan 1b 824 43 Hudiksvall, Sweden Phone 46 72 214 56 86
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