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Tips for Planning Wheelchair Accessible Vacations
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Tips for Planning Wheelchair Accessible Vacations

Traveling is fun and exciting! However, for those who are living with a long-term physical disability or even a short-term injury, travel can be quite complicated. For the majority of the population, traveling is a common task that we take for granted. For those who have a physical disability, traveling comes with an entirely new and unique set of challenges. This is why planning ahead is vital to ensuring a travel experience that maximizes comfort and convenience. For example, you want to explore tourist attractions with the best wheelchair accommodations and fly with airlines that offer special assistance services, etc. To make things easier when planning your next excursion, we've put together some tips for planning wheelchair accessible vacations.

Pack everything you need in advance

For those living with disabilities, there may be many additional items that you depend on daily that you want to ensure you bring enough of a supply for. For example, you might regularly use medical supplies such as ostomy products, intermittent catheters, or even incontinence supplies. It is smart to prepare a list of the essential items and supplies that you may need on vacation and bring enough for your planned stay plus a little bit extra just in case. Make sure to pack everything in advance and do a final check before leaving, especially if you require special medication.

Research potential vacation destinations

There are millions of tourist attractions around the world, but not all of them are comfortable and accommodating for those with physical disabilities. We recommend you identify a destination where you can prepare a list of various tourist attractions and activities that you know will accommodate the required level of accessibility. You can research various wheelchair accessible travel destinations online, by calling ahead, through various Facebook groups and message boards and even through the iAccess Life mobile app. You want to make sure the places you choose are wheelchair accessible and offer all the facilities and services that you may need to enjoy your vacation.

Prep your mobility aide and get it ready for the road

Dealing with malfunctions with your wheelchair on a vacation can be very frustrating and discouraging. The only way to avoid a situation that leaves you in a compromised position is to prepare your wheelchair in advance. Make sure that the airline does a mechanical check and inspection of your wheelchair before leaving on the trip to ensure that they are liable for any damages. For those who are driving in their wheelchair van, it is important to change your oil, check tire pressure and rotate tires before going on a long trip to ensure complete peace of mind and ensure an amazing ride to whatever wheelchair accessible travel destinations you desire.

Relax and enjoy your vacation

Lastly, I would like to advise here that you let loose and enjoy your time while traveling. No matter how much you plan ahead, you may still face some bumps in the road but take a deep breath and remember you are exploring a travel destination spot that others may never get the chance to visit. It is important to relax and just enjoy your time away from home. Talk to different people, learn new cultures, try new foods, find new adventures as these all serve the healing process for your mind and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures so you can make your friends jealous and remember the memories you make forever.

Enjoy your time on vacation at whatever wheelchair accessible travel destinations you choose and take advantage of these tips that are dedicated to helping make traveling fun, regardless of your disability.

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