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One Unique Child: Meet Toby
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One Unique Child: Meet Toby

Some of us are not blessed with a healthy body. Most of us feel sympathetic towards those who experience physical challenges, but the one thing that we can never feel is their actual plight or the struggle that they endure every day. This is why ten-year-old Toby Sweeney-Croft from Sapcote, England is undoubtedly unique, for he has done a fantastic job to help his fellow men and women.

The ten-year-old wheelchair athlete worked with an urge to help the differently abled people who suffer both physically and mentally because they cannot be independent in their daily activities. For his efforts in this respect, Toby earned the Treasure Chest Trophy in memory of Matthew Needham, and also a worldwide recognition. This effort of his is highly commendable given the fact that he is paralyzed from the chest down and cannot move without being in a wheelchair.

A few words about Toby

Because he suffers a severe physical disability, Toby understands the plight of people with similar problems and has the zeal to work for them. He raised an astounding amount – 130.000 Euros, for people with similar physical impairments!

In his early childhood, at the tender age of three years, an infant Toby suffered a severe case of acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis (ADEM), which affected his nervous system severely. As a result of this rare disease, Toby has since been paralyzed from the chest downwards, and cannot walk at all, his legs having had their development stunted by the invading ailment.

However, by sheer grit and the will to live rather than just exist, this little guy learned to maneuver a wheelchair and finally race in one. Like Paralympics sportsmen, Toby participates in wheelchair sports, and most surprisingly, even dares professional track runners to races! This simple fact shows us how much he loves his life and how indisputably special a human being Toby is!

The good work that Toby did

As you have read before in this write-up, Toby regularly participates in wheelchair races and even races against fit bodied runners! As a result of these brave (and rightly so) actions of his, Toby is a popular figure among the residents of Sapcote, Leicestershire and the other counties of England, and in London too!

Recently, at a business dinner in London, this ten-year-old brave-heart helped raise a stunning 130,000-Euro-amount for charity. The amount went to an organization named Back Up, a charitable association which works for the betterment of people with spinal disorders like the one which befell Toby. However, this is not the first time he took such an initiative – he had also participated in a 24-hour relay race held by the Arctic One Foundation, which was a charitable event too!

How the country recognized and lauded this inspirational kid

For his efforts, Toby earned the Treasure Chest Trophy, as specified above; he also received the WellChild Award at a ceremony in London. Interestingly, he met Prince Harry at this award ceremony, and gifted him a basketball!

After reading about this extraordinarily brave little Englishman, you should have only one thing to say – Toby is an inspiration!

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