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Top 5 Shows Recognized for Authentic Disability Representation by Ruderman Foundation
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Top 5 Shows Recognized for Authentic Disability Representation by Ruderman Foundation

There are few inclusive shows out there, but there are 5 exceptional shows that prioritize disability representation. Ruderman Family Foundation have just given its 2020 seal of approval award to 5 shows with authentic disability representation.

The Ruderman Family Foundation's 2020 top 5 shows with authentic disability representation are:

  • See : "See" is an Apple TV+ series featuring two actors with a disability, Marilee Talkington and Bree Klauser. See portrayed disability positively.
  • This is Us: NBC’s “This is Us” also features a visually impaired actor, Blake Stadnik. Blake acted as Jack Damon. Jack Damon had Stargardt disease, and the diseases caused his impairment in the series.
  • Spare Room: This show features Cole Sibus, an actor with Down Syndrome. He played a character with Down Syndrome. He was named Arrow in the show.
  • Atypical: Netflix’s “Atypical,” casts many autistic characters like Dominique Brown, Layla Weiner, and Spencer Harte
  • The Politician: Netflix series “The Politician” is one of the best inclusive shows featuring a cast with a disability, it cast Ryan J. Haddad, who has cerebral palsy as an actor with cerebral palsy.

One important thing about the entertainment industry is its ability to influence people, it is important to portray disability positively by featuring authentic characters with disabilities. The entertainment industry has to do away with ableism. It is interesting to see actors with disabilities in shows, but having them in more shows with positive portrayal will help Influence the audience's perception of disability.

In 2016, about 95% of shows were portrayed by actors without a disability, but by 2018, about 12% of characters with disabilities on TV were authentically played by an actor with a disability. Proper portrayal and media representation of people with disabilities can have a positive real-world impact. Although there have been some gains in recent years, there is room for improvement.

Ruderman Family Foundation’s seal of approval recognition annual award is part of the foundation's efforts to improve disability representation, alongside initiatives such as the Ruderman TV Challenge.

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