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Top Reasons Why You Need To Visit Orthopedic Doctor After 40
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Top Reasons Why You Need To Visit Orthopedic Doctor After 40

With progressing age, our bodies tend to react differently to wear and tear. Although the age at which this might happen varies from one person to the other, for most, it tends to begin from the age of forty. Once this age has been attained, our bodies tend to get more prone to injuries and take more time to heal than what it used to be in our teens.

So, the question is why is it that we injure ourselves more when in the forties?

Simply put, the answer lies in compositional change which occurs in bones, muscles, and joints. Further, the processes which help in rebuilding and strengthening our body begins to slow down giving rise to more injuries and slowing down healing.

Some of the changes which take place in our bodies are -

  • Loss of bone and muscle mass
  • Drying of cartilages and tendons
  • Ligaments lose their elasticity
  • Aging of some people quicker than usual

According to the best orthopedic doctor in India, some of the top injuries of people above the age of forty are -

Stress Fractures

These are hairline fractures that result from repetitive motion and overuse. For instance, runners above the age of forty tend to develop stress fractures in their shins due to loss of bone density and impact caused by running on hard surfaces. The simple act of using shoe inserts and padding the feet recommended by the orthopaedic can help reduce the risk of injuries in the future.

Rotator Cuff Tearing

The Rotator cuff is a shoulder joint that allows us to lift and rotate our arms. With time, wear and tear in the shoulder joints leads to weakening of the shoulder who performs frequent tasks with their dominant shoulder especially athletes.

It can also occur in those who are engaged in painting, hammering or any activity which involves throwing a lot. Every year, around 2 million people are affected by this injury each year. If you have a sore shoulder or are experiencing difficulty in moving it, then it might be high time to visit a specialist.

Tennis Elbow

Also, known as lateral epicondylitis, it is one of the most common sports-related injuries. This affects the tendons in the outside of the elbow joint. Common symptoms include weakening of grip strength and a burning sensation or soreness in the region outside the elbow.

Apart from sports, it can also be caused due to other activities such as doing yard work, knitting, playing a musical instrument, using a computer mouse, etc. Any activity which is done for a long time can cause a tennis elbow.

Lower Back Problems

In advanced age, back problems tend to increase due to a number of factors such as arthritis, loss of bone density, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle. Depending on the complexity of the issue, corrective surgeries may need to be done.

All of the above-mentioned injuries tend to increase as we age. Ignoring the signs not make them go away but only make the symptoms worse. Many keep working with their injuries but it only leads to further injuries. Thus, if you are experiencing any recurrent injury or pain, it is best to visit a doctor immediately.

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