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Top Trending Women's Toupees Hairstyles For 2020
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Top Trending Women's Toupees Hairstyles For 2020

For many years both men and women have been donning toupees for versatile reasons. It is quite a simple yet life-altering product that has become a huge business today. Women’s toupees are becoming as common as acrylic nails, hair color, and body shape.

There's, however, one key thing you need to know about wigs and hairpieces - not all are created equal. And while the choices and preferences vary from person to person, the following women's toupee hairstyles are downright recommended for current users, as well as women who are looking to give wigs a shot.

1. The Side French

The french braid is a classic hairdo that never goes out of style. It is extremely easy to make and instantly give your face a lift. However, if you have thin hair, your braid may appear flat. Using women’s toupee can help you get a voluminous French braid. The first step is to part the toupee in the middle in order to ensure that you have an equal amount of hair on both sides. Secure your toupee high on your head. On one side of your hair section off three strands keeping close your front hairline.

Smooth out the section with your hand and start braiding like a classic French braid. Once you have completed one side, secure the hair using a hairclip and start the same process on the other side of your hair. After you have completed both sides, join the braids together at the nape of your neck using an elastic band. When you section the hair strands, make sure that you leave loose hair on the top to cover the holes on a toupee.

2. Cornrows

Conrow is another fun hairstyle that you can try with women’s toupee. It will give a flatter surface as opposed to braided hair-do. While your access to the scalp becomes limited, it protects your hair and you are less likely to feel lumpy and bulky under the toupee. Once you have attached the toupee at your desired area, part your hair into a small section in the front. Use a rat-tail comb to section your hair to braid the cornrow.

If you want thin cornrow braids, pick out thin section, whereas if you are looking for larger cornrows, pick out larger sections. Divide the section you have taken in three parts and start braiding that section. As you braid make sure to add more hair as you go lower, this is how you get the cornrow.

If you have curly hair, ensure to keep detangling the hair as you go down to get smooth and clean braiding. In the end, secure your braid with a rubber band or barrettes. This way continue braiding your entire hair.

3. Bun

If you are looking to get a voluminous bun, then women’s toupee is the ideal accessory for you. With this, you dont have to worry about your thin hair or bald spots. To begin with secure your natural hair under a hair cap before wearing the toupee. Once you have properly secured the toupee on your head, using a comb smooth out the hair. You can use some hair spray to ensure that your hair stays put. Pull your hair up high on the top and start twisting it to a bun. Once you have twisted all your hair into a bun secure it using bobby pins. If you have a more messy look, pull on your bun to make it lose and a couple of strands from the front and side to get the whole appearance.

4. Two-Side Half Bun

It is a fun and quirky hairdo that would look great on anyone. It is also easy to do and you can style your hair in versatile ways. Once you have secured your toupee in the right manner, start by parting your hair in the middle in an equal part. Now you can either make a full bun on both the sides or half-fun as per your preference. To make a half bun, take a section from the top of your hair from one side and twist it into a bun. Do the same thing on the other side as well and secure the bund with elastic bands or hair clips. Smooth out the rest of the hair using a comb and use hair spray to set the whole look.


These are some of the trending hairstyles in women’s toupees that will certainly be popular in 2020. The key is to get the right kind and quality of toupee so that you can effortlessly make different kinds of hairstyles that are comfortable as well as stylish. 

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