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Travelling with Differently Abled? Keep these 10 Points in Mind
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Travelling with Differently Abled? Keep these 10 Points in Mind

People with disabilities now have a reason to smile because traveling for them has become quite uncomplicated. Apart from getting better transport facilities they also have access to better travel accommodation. However, if one is planning to travel with a differently abled person you may just need to take a few more precautions. Spend time on planning the journey and you should be fine. And ensure that you keep the below mentioned 10 points in mind.

  • Do a research on the country you will be visiting: Researching will help you get information on those places that offer facilities for your disabled travel partner. Updated information is available in books like the Lonely Planet Guides and Moon Guides that have a separate section about general disability access.
  • Not all countries offer the same rights to people with disabilities: You need to understand that there are some airlines that do not allow disabled people to fly with them. There are also many hotels worldwide that do not have special room arrangements for disabled persons. When planning the journey keep in mind that there are countries that do not have laws that require access for disabled people. An example of such a country is the United States.
  • Do not book travel arrangements online: Make a point of booking through emails, travel agents or on the phone. This way you get to know about options for rooms, airline and coach seats for your disabled travel partner.
  • Find out about special accommodations: Each disability has certain needs. For example, if your friend uses a wheelchair you must find a hotel room, airline or coach seat with wheelchair access.
  • Book a tour for differently abled people: Look for a tour meant for differently abled people. Visit like and similar other sites that have a list of such tour providers. Such tours take care of everything that a disabled traveler may need throughout the trip.
  • Read airline policies before flying: Keeping a copy of the requirements will help you request priority while boarding or for any other services.
  • Have the doctor’s contacts: Always carry the contact number of your friend’s doctor. This will help you in case of emergencies and ensure you are aware of the medications your friend requires.
  • Carry an emergency repair kit: You may need this when, for instance, your disabled partner’s wheelchair requires some repair. The wheelchairs may become dysfunctional during the journey. You may also need to carry the wheelchair’s manual for guidance.
  • Be a good time manager: Disabled people tend to take extra time in performing routine activities. So ensure that you keep that time buffer during the tour. Ensure you arrive early for your flights, meals and the tours and so on.
  • Travel leisurely: The elderly and the disabled may tire quickly while on a trip. While travelling with a disabled person try not to do too much at a go. They should have time to have enough rest.

Keep these 10 tips in mind while travelling with a differently abled person  to ensure that the journey is an easy and enjoyable one for everyone involved with the fun and frolic trip.

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