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Treating Cerebral Palsy Holistically in India
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Treating Cerebral Palsy Holistically in India

The main goal of my research has been to find holistic ways to improve the quality of life for those who suffer with varying degrees of cerebral palsy.

The secondary issues that arise with CP revolve around pain and fatigue with the onset of chronic pain, nerve pain, spinal issues, and arthritis, osteopenia, and osteoporosis, changes in gait, balance and overall physical decline in all areas no matter how ambulatory the patient may be.

I have been researching Ayurvedic Medicine it’s a type of complementary and alternative medicine that originated in India. While on my hunt, I found Pancham Kumar Das, he figured out an herbal remedy that improves CP using tulsi, garlic and marigold in a solution of purified alcohol, Pancham uses various Himalayan and other herbs.

It works for cerebral palsy, claims Das. He isn't a doctor he simply has a vested interest in helping those with Cerebral palsy. This is not a cure it’s just a way to improve the quality of life for those living with CP.

Mehya medicine is supposed to be good for damaged brain cells; Maha-Narayan oil is perfect for a nice relaxing massage for those tight muscles associated with cerebral palsy. Other homeopathic treatments such as chamomile, lime flowers, lavender, elder flower, garlic and thyme are used.

A homeopathic treatment called CalcPhos can be used or treatment with zinc sulfate. It’s important to understand that these herbs won’t cure CP, but it will help with the many complications that arise. There is also the G-Therapy developed, which has helped many patients. Hatha Yoga is very important to learn especially if you suffer from the painful effects of spastic CP, massage and Breathing Exercises make a huge difference and let’s not forget Meditation.

On a personal note, everyone who has Cerebral Palsy who uses a wheelchair needs to stand at least an hour a day to improve quality of life. They offer a variety of standing tables that would work for anyone at any age, ask your therapists or doctor which would be appropriate. 


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  1. akbar
    Hi, I'm Akbar from UAE. I had a hemmoragic stroke for 6 years on the right side. This was so tough for me because i never imagined myself in this way. I lost my speech and i was obviously useless because i could not perform any activity without any support, i could not walk, i use dto enjoy driving but none of this i could do again. I was totally paralyzed. The worst part was the emotional aspect of it. I cry very easily and have no control over it because all the doctors or physiotherapist i met were not helpful at all. I am, however, very lucky that i was able to find a very effective alternative natural treatment to stroke that cured me completely. It has been two years now and i still can drive, i actually thought the cure was not permanent but now i am fully convinced and that is why i decided to write this. If you have stroke or any paralysis just contact Dr Joseph on (josephalberteo @ gmail. com) for more information or advise and i am sure his medicine can help you too. I hope this helps someone out there.
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