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Tubbs Hill Project Gets an Upgrade
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Tubbs Hill Project Gets an Upgrade

One of the things that can pose a challenge to people who use mobility devices is an uneven pathway or bumpy trails. Good thing the trail on Tubbs Hill will be getting an upgrade.

The well-known hiking trail on Tubbs Hill, Coeur d’Alene, is a favorite local trail by the residents of Idaho as well as people visiting the area. Tubbs Hill Nature Trail has become a go-to spot because it offers people a beautiful view of the lakes surrounding it.

While many are enjoying the great sight and the relaxing hike in Tubbs Hill, wheelchair users find it difficult to visit the area because the trails can be dangerous to navigate. Wheelchair users like Tom McTevia, who yearns to have a visit and a tour at the place and to enjoy the beautiful scenery, could not go anywhere near it.

Tom McTevia, a resident of Idaho, had an ATV accident ten years ago. He suffered a broken neck and was required to use a wheelchair. McTevia, who loves to go on an adventure, explore the outdoors, and have a good long hike, was worried about not being able to do all of these because of his condition. Being someone who is familiar with the trails in Tubbs Hill, he’s a little frustrated thinking he might never go back to the Nature Trail again.

But there’s good news for McTevia and other wheelchair users. The construction project for Tubbs Hill has been announced to be implemented ahead of its set date. This means that the improvements planned to be done on some part of the trails will begin sooner than expected.

McTevia, who previously asked the city officials to fund the improvements on the east side of the Tubbs Hill, felt excited and grateful. He said that he could not wait for the project to be completed because he is so eager to visit Tubbs Hill again.

The construction projects aims to level the slopes and flatten an almost 500 meter portion of the trail to make it easier for wheelchair users to go around the area. Gravel will also be placed in muddy areas of the trail in order to prevent wheelchairs from being stuck in it.

The trail improvement project is funded by Avista and the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. It is said be completed by the second week of March this year instead of the end of June.

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