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U.S. Military Veterans Receive High-Tech Wheelchairs
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U.S. Military Veterans Receive High-Tech Wheelchairs

It’s another big day for U.S. veterans with reduced mobility. The National Technical Systems (NTS), a leading provider of qualification testing and certification services in North America, made an announcement this month—an announcement that could change the lives of the injured U.S. military veterans.

NTS announced that it has donated life-changing Action TrackStander wheelchair products to the Wounded Warrior Regiment, a dedicated Marine Corps organization that helps wounded and injured Marines and Sailors return to their pre-deployment lives.

Leading this huge disability-focused effort are NTS Senior Vice President Dave Mann and Willie Jordan, Program Manager for the Wounded Warrior Regiment. The recipients of the donated wheelchair products will be members of the U.S. Marine Corps Corporal who lost their legs and suffered severe injuries while serving for their country.

About the high-tech wheelchair product and NTS:

As mentioned earlier in the recent press release, the state-of-the-art Action TrackStander is an all-terrain wheelchair product that allows injured members to enjoy many outdoor activities. The wheelchair donation is expected to improve the quality of lives of many injured soldier who have experienced tragedies and lost their legs in the war. The new wheelchair will allow an injured soldier to stand upright or sit comfortably while traveling. It also allows for travel even on a rough or rocky terrain.

To ensure efficient delivery of the high-tech wheelchair products, NTS has teamed up with Action TrackChair, the developer and manufacturer of this new innovative wheelchair. As the worldwide leader in qualification testing, NTS is committed to supporting members of the U.S. military services, and particularly U.S. veterans who experienced hardships while serving their country. The $15,000 wheelchair has already undergone testing. NTS has conducted EMC and EMI testing at one of its laboratories in the North America region.

NTS is a longstanding member of the United States defense community and it’s known for its strong commitment in supporting members of the United States armed forces. NTS, which is accredited by numerous national and international organizations, is one of the largest and most respected global ISO registrars. It serves a broad range of industries, which include the automotive, civil aviation, defense, electronics, industrial, medical, nuclear, telecommunication, and space industries.

Headquartered in Marine Corps Base Quantico, the Wounded Warrior Regiment is a Marine Corps organization that provides and facilitates the integration of medical care and non-medical care to combat and non-combat wounded injured and sick members of the U.S. Marines Corps in order to speed up their recovery as they return to military duty or transition to civilian life.

Image credit: US Dept.of Veterans Affairs/Youtube screencap

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