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Underscoring the Purpose Behind the Removal of Limits
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Underscoring the Purpose Behind the Removal of Limits

On October 3, 2013 there will be a webcast that highlights the fact that a building designer should not be restrained by the need to observe certain limits. That webcast is called “Design with a Purpose,” and it will take place on the website Readers of this blog who live in or near New York City ought to set aside time for viewing that online panel discussion.

Among the panelists will be prominent New York builders, such as Erik Churchill from ShoP Construction. The vice president of the Sciame Construction Company, Steven Colletta will also be on hand, ready to respond to questions from the audience. Since the panel will discuss automobile design, as well as designs for buildings, the third panelist will be J Mays, Ford’s VP of Global Design.

The panelists want to encourage the submission of questions. Therefore questions can be submitted during the panel (12:30 pm to 1:30 pm EST) by sending a tweet to @Ford or @Inhabitat with the hashtaq #FordArchtecture! Questions should match with the focus of the discussion: How designers can create strong, functional buildings that have the ability to endure the test of time.

When you are framing your question, keep in mind the designers’ concept of functionality. That means that a functional building offers the safety and reliability that its occupants expect. The designer must understand a building’s physical requirements. In other words, he or she must understand the customer, even if that customer must rely on the rolling wheels of a wheelchair.

In fact, a question from someone who must enter a building by means of a ramp and wide doors would probably be most welcome. The panel appears to be hoping for the submission of some truly unique questions. In fact, it promises to reward those who make a genuinely original inquiry by sending that person a special T-shirt.


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