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Unfair Practices Need to Be Dealt With
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Unfair Practices Need to Be Dealt With

It’s a sad day when big stores don’t treat us right. I'm speaking about when they give us funny looks if we attempt to use their electric carts because we need them due to what I call an "unseen disability". Never mind the problems we face in their parking lot. You never see anyone checking to see if someone is parked in the handicapped parking who may be there without proper credentials.

Then you arrive inside the store and you have to fight for the right to use the power carts. There are people parking in handicap spots to begin with, and when you say something, they say "I am only running in for a minute." Well, that just doesn't cut it with me.

You also see kids using the carts to play on and in.  No one does anything about it. I am tired of going to a store and never getting a cart, or if I do it has no power left. I think you should have to sign the cart out and then sign it back in, so they know that it is being charged back up by an employee and monitored by their business.

Do you agree these ideas would this make things better for us?

I also hate when they make the isles so narrow we can’t get down them. Is that fair to the disabled? I think not. Let’s all stand up and say "No more! If they won’t handle these issues properly, we will!" We are within our rights to make telephone calls and file complaints. We can also do interviews with our local television news outlets.  We can create this positive change.


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