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Vegas Accessibility
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Vegas Accessibility

We just came back from our honeymoon in Vegas. We chose it because the accessibility factor. We weren’t disappointed in the least. We stayed at the Mirage, and they carried our luggage to our room which we didn’t expect to happen. They have different accessible rooms one of which had a Hoyer Lift. Honestly, I have never had any hotel offer that as an option.

The pool had a lift plus the pool wasn’t terribly deep, which was nice as I can only manage if I can touch the bottom, and the water is above my waist.

We never found a bad place to eat in Vegas; our favorite ended up being the pool side restaurant. As we ate I fed the birds, and they had tiny sprinklers misting us as we ate. I had no idea you weren’t supposed to feed the cute little birds until the last day when I saw the sign. So remember, don’t feed them even though they beg and look adorable.

Going down the strip couldn’t have been easier. They have vans for wheelchairs, and you just jump in. Our favorite by far was at the Venetian the Gondola Ride – they have a lift that takes you down to the boat, and they help you get into it minimally. They aren’t allowed to pick you up but whoever you are with could.  You could even crawl in it’s not like anyone would see you where they have the lift. We just stepped in; it was so magical and didn’t want it to end. We were sung to, and they took pictures & we took selfies. Everything about the Venetian we loved, and we had fantastic pizza while we were there.

We went to see a few shows, which were totally accessible. If you ever get to Vegas check out “Marriage is Murder." It’s a fantastic dinner mystery.

I froze to death in the hotels, even had to get a jacket because it was so cold, but then you go outside and you are burning up. So I kept my jacket with me at all times. If you are heat intolerant, I would suggest a winter trip to Vegas.


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  1. CamarilloConcrete
    I would love to visit Vegas soon with my friends at Thank you for this article, now I know what to expect.
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