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Veteran Receives Random Act of Kindness
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Veteran Receives Random Act of Kindness

Michael Sulsona and his wife visited the Lowe's Home Improvement Center in Marine's Harbor, New York to buy fencing material for a repair job on their property. It was near closing and they were getting what they needed when a bolt on his wheelchair snapped. He had become used to having these problems with his wheelchair for the last couple of years. Sulsona of Graniteville on Stanton Island is a veteran who lost both his legs above the knees when he walked on a land mine in Vietnam. He has been a wheelchair user since 1971.

He had been waiting for a new wheelchair for the last couple years but had been told he wasn't entitled to a replacement. Sulsona had gotten used to broken parts but when it broke again in the middle of Lowe's he was not expecting to have three employees come to his aid. David, Marcus and Souleyman were the three who came out of no where and told him they were going to get it running again before he left the store. They told him they would make the vehicle like new, placed him in another chair and went to work. Forty-five minutes after the closing of the store the three employees had totally repaired his old wheelchair.

A while after this happened Sulsona wrote to the local newspaper offering his gratitude to the three male employees of Lowes who had helped him. The three have ask for privacy and don't have a wish to be in the media's public eye. He merely wanted to share this random act of kindness and was not, in any way, criticizing the US Department of Veterans Affairs for the amount of time it has taken for them to replace his wheelchair. In fact, soon after the story broke his wheelchair was replaced with a brand new one.


Image: Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. Ann Johnston
    What a great story. Voted
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    1. Eve Sherrill York
      Thank you!
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  2. Julie Sinclair
    Julie Sinclair
    I feel this was such a kind act these three gentlemen performed for him. He was right to contact the press to show his thanks and open the eyes of others. I am glad the VA finally decided to give him a new wheelchair. Voted
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    1. Eve Sherrill York
      I wonder if the VA would have continued to drag their feet if the story hadn't gone to the media.
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