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I Challenge Bionics Companies to a Walk Across America Challenge
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I Challenge Bionics Companies to a Walk Across America Challenge

Technology is dramatically changing our lives. Two companies that are getting people, out of their wheelchairs, are: 

1) Ekso Bionics

2) Rex Bionics 

I'm talking about technologies that you would find in science fiction novels, here. Alas, the reality of these life changing technologies also comes with substantively high price tags. Get ready to pay over a hundred thousand dollars to walking. Allow me to challenge these companies again to, a Walk Across America. Here's what I'm proposing: that they outfit individuals with mobility issues to walk across the country, from New York to California, to raise money toward providing their some of their very own products to the individuals across the globe who so desperately need them. This challenge benefits everybody. Not only do these companies provide resources to folks who need them, they get national and international media exposure, and the public can better determine if their high prices are worth the cost of their products, by learning more about them and what they can do.

In June of 2013, I challenged Ekso Bionics to Walk Across America!  A company spokesperson asked if I would remove the post from my Facebook page. I did as requested, as a gesture of respect.  My ambition was to give Ekso a platform to highlight this ground-breaking technology. I strongly believe in helping others. This was a perfect campaign to get people out of their wheelchairs and walking. I once again challenged these companies to host a Walk Across America. Let us see how these technologies stand up to the rigors of daily use! Walking outside, up and down stairs, and traversing hills. Then we can better determine whether the price tag is just and ethical. This media event may help bring the high prices down, and will definitely gain these companies exposure. Think about this: corporate sponsorship is a vital part of professional sports. The handicap community has to take a more active role in attracting corporate sponsorship. Corporate America has not fully realized the potential of advertising and promoting sporting events for the disabled community.

Help me change that!

I urge you to visit the websites of Ekso Bionics and Rex Bionics. Give them your feedback. Determine for yourself if the Walking Across America Challenge is a worthwhile cause. United, we can change lives.  

Please visit my website. You can translate the page from Swedish to English with online translation tools. 



*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons. 



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  1. Scott Daravanis
    Scott Daravanis
    I was - and therefor always will be - a journalist by trade, which means my first thought when I hear or read of people or companies doing or not doing something is "Why"? Why are these companies not responding to your challenge? Why did Ekso request you remove your challenge from your Facebook page? Does Ekso know its equipment would not "stand-up" to such a challenge? I'm eager to see what the response will be this time.
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    1. The Maryville Kid
      The Maryville Kid
      Hi Scott Ekso Bionics is unable to walk up stairs or steep inclines. Ekso is good indoors.thus far. Ekso can not STAND UP , to the challenges, I set forth. A walk across America with the public watching, would expose the limitations of Ekso. Would you invest in a company or product that was unable to perform outside? That being said, can a private person or insurance companies justify paying over a hundred thousand dollars? The good news is more companies are introducing life changing products. The cost is and will always remain the biggest challenge and hurdles. Scott, thank you for your feedback. Best regards. Frank Molina
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  2. Tara Richardson
    Tara Richardson
    I know people who absolutely LOVE this and are using it. Great for therapy, not so great for everyday/all day use until it’s less bulky, less heavy.. Just my humble opinion. This is something very important that everyone should help move this process along so more people will get a chance to try it and see if it’s something they want. Everyone deserves a choice and Bionics is nearly there!!!
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