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Walk Aide: A Gadget Worth Getting
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Walk Aide: A Gadget Worth Getting

Walk Aide by Hanger intrigues me to no end ever since I saw a girl who has Cerebral Palsy using Walk Aides after she had her SDR surgery. I’d love to be able to walk as she does even with the foot drop but with this Walk Aide, the foot drop goes away, and she walks normal. The hope is that muscle memory will eventually take over, and she won’t need the walk aide because her muscles will just remember what to do.

I’ve heard about this for MS patience’s. I’m surprised that it never dawned on me that it might help someone with Cerebral Palsy. Granted the girl did have the SDR surgery before using the device which leaves me wondering if it would help those of us who cannot get the surgery. It says “an essential component of central nervous system retraining and recovery.” I like the sound of that since my central nervous system has been damaged. I kept reading and wondering about the possibilities for me and others. In my research, I came across “Amber Konkol”, “the Walk Aide is able to send electric signals, triggering muscles that lift Amber’s foot at the critical moment during her gait cycle, and preventing the foot-dragging problems that had been slowing her down.”

Ever since Amber started using the Walk Aide, she has been able to walk independently around the house without canes or her walker. She hopes to increase her endurance, so she can walk unassisted for longer periods. Amber’s friends and family have noticed the change in her gait and she stands up straighter.

I saw a video of this four year old little girl with Cerebral Palsy who walks as normal as can be as long as she has the Walk Aide on. Her mother says she has a normal life now and can take part in everything the other children are doing; she walks totally unassisted.

When I think about this little gadget, I am amazed at how far science and technology have come since I was diagnosed.

I urge you to check out Walk Aide 


Photo by misko13

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