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WalkinVR Rolls Out New Videos to Show What It’s VR Accessibility Software is Capable of Doing
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WalkinVR Rolls Out New Videos to Show What It’s VR Accessibility Software is Capable of Doing

Virtual reality is basically a computer-generated interactive simulation of a 3D (three-dimensional) image or surrounding. While this seemingly real technology has taken the electronics realm by storm, it is still not disabled-friendly. But that's likely to change sooner rather than later, thanks to WalkinVR.

On May 16, 2017, VRFocus shared a report centering on WalkinVR, which can simply be described as an application developed in order to make VR (virtual reality) more accessible for people with disabilities. Lining with that, WalkinVR recently rolled out a slew of video footages that show exactly how its software works.

Its one-of-a-kind design allows even people who are bed-bound or use a wheelchair to use it with just one arm. At the moment, WalkinVR is compatible with both HTC Vive as well as Oculus Rift via SteamVR.

WalkinVR intends to give users with physical disabilities the power to effortlessly move around in virtual reality. The Driver facilitates rotation and movement over a virtual environment without requiring lower body movement with the help of VR Config in SteamVR environment, according to developer Grzegorz Bednarski.

Bednarski is bent on broadening the support (which is displayed in the first video below). Currently, the development team is hard at works on Release 2, which he claims will let people with other disabilities experience VR as well.

That will include SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), where the challenge is keeping hands high despite having weak muscles.

But that's not all; WalkinVR plans to assign more control using simple gamepad allowing people with hand-related disabilities to handle some of the control with their feet.

If you're looking to download WalkinVR, you can head straight to the developer's official website or click here to get your hands on it by shelling out €32 EUR, which roughly converts to $37.

Watch this space to find out how Bednarski plans to make VR more accessible and to keep a track of upcoming updates on WalkinVR.



(Image credit: Pan Kornisz/YouTube)

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