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What Exactly IS a Rollator Walker?
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What Exactly IS a Rollator Walker?

As we grow older, we face a different set of difficulties that are sometimes unexpected. We’re not always as steady on our feet as we used to be. We can easily lose our balance, and of course, a real danger is falling.

After the age of 65, many of us face a serious risk of falling. the really bad news that accompanies this is the fact that our bones are more brittle. A fall can easily fracture one or more ribs, we may break an arm or leg and worst perhaps of all is a broken hip.

Many seniors simply never recover from a broken hip. This may prove to be fatal.

Before this becomes a reality in your life, or the life of a loved one, when restaurants, start giving you a senior discount, it may be time to be thinking about a mobility aid like one of the best walkers.

Although there are canes crutches and walkers, they are at best only temporary mobility aids. Even with these, it’s not unusual for a person to lose his or her balance and fall. There are the quad-canes with four little feet that enable them to stand alone, but many complain that using these canes is more difficult than carrying a straight cane.

Sooner or later, you’re probably going to have to consider a rollator walker.

A rollator walker is a more sturdy frame with three or four wheels, handlebars and often a bag or basket for carrying things.

This is much more sturdy, especially the four-wheel models, and usually come with a seat so you can rest when necessary as well.

A number of companies construct and sell these rollators, and in general, they’re very durable.

A light model may cost as little $60 whereas a more substantial model can run higher. Some run as high as $700.

These models are very durable and any should be sufficient for most persons. That having been said, the next step up will be a motorized rollator, also known as a motorized wheelchair.

These models provide a seat with a platform for your feet and handlebars for steering. They usually come with a carrying basket as well and normally they’re battery operated.

Motorized rollators offer a great deal of freedom to the handicapped. Often they can go to stores and other places, sometimes unaccompanied.

They are quiet and comfortable. They may be outfitted with rearview mirrors, horns and other attachments.

The only difficulty comes in trying to transport a motorized rollator in a vehicle. A van is probably the best suited for this and vans may be equipped with either a ramp for driving the rollator up into the interior or a lift may be installed. In this case, the lift drops to the street level, the rollator is driven up onto it, and then the entire lift is raised and drawn into the vehicle.

This can cost quite a bit more, depending on the area and the shop that would install such equipment.

Veterans may often be given a free rollator that you push or a motorized rollator. This decision would be based on the primary care doctor’s recommendation, but he or she must be able to justify this expense.

Margaret Sellars at Mobility Deck claims that motorized wheelchair with a fully charged battery should last for around 8 hours and the user may expect to go about 10 miles on one charge. A battery normally takes around eight hours to fully recharge, and the life of the battery will depend on how often it’s recharged.

While that distance isn’t far for an automobile, it’s quite a distance for a motorized rollator and usually, the user can get to a grocery store or other business that isn’t located too far away from the home. A motorized rollator usually can achieve around five miles an hour.

Most motorized rollators come with two batteries so that there is always a fully-charged battery available.

Motorized wheelchairs come in an array of sizes. There are the rollators for persons of average height and weight, but there are also wheelchairs for very heavy and/or large individuals.

In special cases, motorized rollators may be constructed expressly to order for a user with certain handicaps.

We hope this answers some of the questions people with disabilities often ask. And we hope that if and when you or a loved one needs mobility, you’ll find the right mobile rollator.



Image credit: Jos @ FPS-Groningen

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