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What Makes You Feel Empowered?
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What Makes You Feel Empowered?

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  • /Strength/ - The quality or state of being strong, in particular.
  • /Strong/ - Able to perform a specified action well and powerfully. 
  • /Empowerment/ - To equip or supply with an ability; enable:

There are times in my life when as a healthy and able bodied individual, I feel weak or incomplete. I feel helpless amidst all the problems and troubles that I face. Challenges do bring me to my knees and with my face on the ground I feel hopeless, useless, without purpose and without strength. 

As a part time farmer, I tend to be moderately strong. I can carry 50 kgs. of rice on my back with little effort. I can move the earth literally, dig up to 6 feet and move mounds of earth to shape the land. But this is not the strength I am talking about. 

I know the limits of my mortality and I know how just one injury can take all my strength from me in one split second. 

The strength I am talking about is one that comes from within. 

It's that never ending spring of vigor and drive to keep on going despite the crushing weight of things that are on our backs.

Everybody has something on their backs, able bodied or not. To most, it's financial burden. To some it's personal relationships. For some it's something spiritual.

More than any burden, the weights inside our minds are the ones that are the heaviest to pick up and lug around. A funny thing about being a thinking species is that we do carry these around with us most of the time. 

The things that we read, hear and watch compound that problem. 

So the question is not really rhetorical.

What makes you feel empowered? 

My answer to this could not be simply found from within. I know I'm weak, I know I have my own faults and I know the boundaries of my strengths. I know that I can't do much without the help of others. 

Other people find this strength in the belief in a supreme supernatural being that controls everything. This source that they are deriving from is spiritually infinite. When you draw from the infinite, the limits are pushed to the farthest. Faith that could move mountains. 

The more pragmatic among us find the strength to go on with a single minded desire focused on a goal. I guess that's what keeps me going too. It may be bit short sighted but you know, in life, when you get punched in the face with problems, your vision tends to narrow down to the things you could focus on. Everything else is just peripheral vision, blurred beyond cognizance. 

Right now, if you're reading this, you may be facing something very difficult.

I don't know and I'm not going to pretend that I understand the pain that you're going through. 

But I just want you to know that there's hope. That much I can say.

You could find it in all the good things that you could find in this world. 

Tune out the bad, the negative and the destructive. 

Every now and then, take the time to listen to that musician in the subways playing his violin. 

When you take a walk, or a roll in the park, do take it upon yourself to find the beauty in all the color. If you can, stop and smell the flowers.

Take pictures of nature's beauty. It doesn't matter if the pictures don't turn out too pretty. What matters is that they're yours.

Capture the effervescence of the moment because it's there. 

Make peace with everyone and everything

See things and people for what they are and not lay judgment on them. 

This may be the hardest thing to do, but it lightens that emotional load on our backs. 

This includes the pain, the suffering and the hurts that we encounter in life, including the ones who inflict them. 

Letting go of all of these, frees our ability to draw our strength from that infinite plenitude that we are hindered in seeing when we focus on our burdens. 

Focus on empowering others

There are times, when I think that my own strength may not be enough to lift myself, but you'll be surprised at how far it could take others. Sometimes, all it takes is just a kind word of strength, hope, love, faith and hope. Sometimes, it takes encouragement. Often it may entail a sacrifice. 

It doesn't matter. 

One thing I've learned in life is that the more we focus on ourselves, the more we tend to feel helpless.

Stay strong, stay focused, empower somebody today.









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  1. pftsusan
    #2 Great blog and great analogy, Danny: "More than any burden, the weights inside our minds are the ones that are the heaviest to pick up and lug around." With said, I think that we place more demands on our bodies and our lives, by not controlling what comes between our ears. The body achieves whatever the mind believes.
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    1. Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Thanks Susan, this post just made it to the top posts again. :)
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  2. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. Another great, inspirational blog Danny. You are so right - it is often harder to stay strong mentally and emotionally, isn't it? I have a lot of problems with that (that's a subject for a future blog, probably!) Thanks a lot for voting and commenting on my Xmas blog on TFV (I am Veganara there!). I have just submitted another blog here, The First Cut Is The Deepest..... , please check it out and vote if you like it. :-)
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    1. Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Thanks Broken. How's it going? Were you able to land a post in the front page now?
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      1. Broken English
        Broken English
        Hi, I am fine thanks. Yep, I have had one Top Post here and a lot of them on TFV! I have now received my missing payments from TFV, which is a relief, and I think others have too.
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        1. Daniel Andrei Garcia
          Daniel Andrei Garcia
          That's great to hear and I am happy for you. :)
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  3. Teresa Thomas
    Teresa Thomas
    Wow! Love this article. Daniel you are speaking right into my heart. I am finding myself a bit down for many reasons. I will continue to read this blog, and be lifted up by it. Thanks... Will definitely, vote for you on this.
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    1. Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Thank you Teresa :) I'm glad that it did. We all need a bit of lifting up every now and then. I've learned that sometimes, the more I feel sad, helpless and depressed - the more I gain strength by making somebody else happy :)
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