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What a person with disabilities can eat to boost the immune system
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What a person with disabilities can eat to boost the immune system

A strong immune system is as important and basic as hand washing and social distancing during pandemics. We can boost our immune system by eating meals that can strengthen the immune system for it to be able to resist virus infection.

A large percentage of our immune system is located in our gut. So, the first and important way to boost the immune system is through the ingestion of probiotics — whether they’re in your diet or in supplement — it is important. Yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, and other fermented foods, will fill up your gut with good, healthy bacteria to help fight against virus infections.

The first thing most viruses does is to cause a cytokine storm (inflammatory molecules that can cause tissue damage and inhibit immune function), so you need to eat more omega-3 healthy fats because they reduce inflammation. Fish, like salmon and sardines. Nuts and seeds like walnuts and hemp seeds are rich in omega-3.

Herbal products that include things like echinacea, black seeds, astragalus, and mushroom extracts are good for boosting body immune system. You can as well get an immune formula that includes Zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C or any other herbs and mushroom extracts.

Vitamins and zinc are very good for boosting the immune system. There is a natural antiviral in Vitamin A which allows it to improve the white blood cells. The neutrophils, which are powerful white blood cells that work on our front line defense can be boosted with Vitamin C, which also increases the production of lymphocytes (the white blood cells). Zinc helps in producing and activating white blood cells which helps in enhancing body immunity. Vitamin D is also important because it influences the immune system.

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  1. giuliajones32
    No, "boost" the immune system is a marketing gimmick and a meaningless statement. The immune system is just that; a system. It’s not a single entity but an extremely complex series of interactions on many levels.
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  2. Alexis
    This is a very helpful tips. Not just helpful for differently abled people but also for everyone. It is really important to boost our immune system especially these time of pandemic.
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