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What is BPPV?
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What is BPPV?

About a year ago, I was enjoying a holiday on a Greek island when, with a turn of my head, disaster struck. I experienced vertigo or dizziness that was so intense I could not move. I wanted to vomit but somehow managed to hold onto my breakfast. I soon discovered, by doing a google search and watching a few YouTube videos, that I had BPPV. BPPV is the most common cause of vertigo and is fortunately curable. In many cases, it can be treated by a simple maneuver. However, vertigo caused by BPPV is so traumatic, it can cause a person to have anxiety for life. 

BPPV is caused when a crystal in the inner ear moves into one of the 6 semi-circular canals or vestibules of the ear. These vestibules are there to help us maintain our balance. But when a crystal moves into a vestibule, it can roll around as we turn our head. This movement causes the brain to falsely believe that we are moving and causes us to feel head spinning or vertigo.

As we age, there is a greater chance of getting BPPV. In fact, close to 5% of people over 50 years of age will experience these mind-blowing phenomena. Almost twice as many women as men get BPPV. And no one really knows what causes it. But once you get it, it often comes back again and again. While it is curable it is not fun. The trauma of BPPV can leave people scared for life. I understand this very well. My experience with BPPV was scarier than hell. I did not know what was happening to me and terrible thoughts raced through my mind. I had never heard of BPPV before, which is why I decided to write about what happened to me.  Read more about my experience with BPPV . Or tell us about your experience with BPPV or any kind of Vertigo in the comments below. And by the way, this is my first post here. So, I would really appreciate your vote.

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