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What it’s like dating another person with a disability
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What it’s like dating another person with a disability

I’ve noticed that when people think about disabled people dating, they automatically think that your partner must have a disability too. This is not always the case and our relationships aren’t super innocent. That being said, my boyfriend is also disabled and I’m very thankful for that. He understands me in ways that most people in my life don’t. We go through similar hardships so I don’t worry that he’ll run away when I have breakdowns. We help each other physically and work well with one another. We support and love each other every day! However, it is difficult for many reasons

1. We are in a long-distance relationship. My boyfriend lives in Nebraska, and I live in New York. We both don’t drive, so we always have to coordinate seeing each other around other people's schedules.

2. My boyfriend brings his Manuel chair whenever he comes to see me This means that if we go out someone must push him. There is slightly less privacy, on the same hand though people are good at leaving us alone

3. I can’t really travel to him I use a power wheelchair to get around and be as independent as possible. I’m terrified to bring it on a plane for fear of it getting broken. So we’ve been dating about a year and a half and I still haven’t met his family in person

4. Expensive plane tickets Being on a fixed income is difficult enough and trying to save up enough money to buy plane tickets from the little money you do get is hard. It’s so difficult not being able to see my best friend as often as I’d like to. But God has a plan and purpose for this.

Being with another disabled person does involve a lot more planning, but it’s much like your typical relationship. We have normal relationships and they aren’t always innocent. My boyfriend and I are waiting to be intimate until marriage, but disabled people do have the same desires, wants, and needs as you! And I’m not only with my boyfriend because he’s also disabled. I know that there are abled Bodied people out there that wouldn’t care about my wheelchair. I know that people can look past it. But I choose my boyfriend. Not because I couldn’t go out and find an abled person, but simply because I love him and his disability is not a burden.

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