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Wheel or Treat! Who Will YOU Be?
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Wheel or Treat! Who Will YOU Be?

Halloween is the one day of the year you can transform yourself into anyone you want to be! It’s a great equalizer of holidays, allowing both the able bodied world and the disabled world to transform themselves into something else, where there is no standard of appearance, no stereotypes to be upheld. Everyone’s goal is the same – to have fun and be anything they want to be!

Your Halloween costume sometimes needs to be a bit more creative when you rely on a set of wheels to get from point A to point B. But that’s the fun part! Why not incorporate your wheels INTO the design of your costume this year? Let your chair compliment the look you are going for. Don’t just dress your body, dress your chair as well. Think of you and your chair as one complete ensemble.

Instead of worrying what costumes kids in chairs might be able to fit into comfortably while sitting, think of some creative ways to use their chair as part of the costume design. Here’s some fun ideas for kids:

Race car driver: Dress their chair up as a race car using some card board cutouts, get a helmet and a jersey or a riding jacket and done. Works great for any transportation related costumes, too (i.e. biker, pilot, taxi driver, etc.)

Cinderella or a princess in a carriage: Dress up a little girl’s chair as a chariot, using flowers, streamers or use some wire to form a round window shape and attach to each side of the chair. Top off with a tiara and a princess dress.

Fairy: Buy or make a simple fairy costume and instead of attaching the wings to your shoulders or back where they likely won’t show while sitting in your chair, attach the wings to the push handles of the back of your chair. Hang some stars off the back of the chair to flutter around as you push your chair.

Adult costume ideas: why not honor someone famous with a disability?! Think of a creative costume to go as Stephen Hawking (dress in a suit and a pair of glasses from the dollar store) or Christopher Reeve (throw on a superman t-shirt and slicked back hair to elude to his Superman days).

Check out some more creative ideas here:

Search pinterest to get even more great ideas!

Who or what will you go as this Halloween? Have you ever created a costume where your wheels were the stars of the show? Tell us about it in the comments!

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