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Wheelblades: Providing Mobility and Independence During the Winter
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Wheelblades: Providing Mobility and Independence During the Winter

Jumping snowbanks, avoiding icy spots, catching our front wheels along the edges of snowy sidewalks and taking a spill or two are just some of the winter nuisances many of us wheelchair users thought we just had to get used to if living in a cold area with harsh winters. But not anymore! Have you heard about Wheelblades? Wheelblades are changing the way many wheelchair users experience wintery months, giving us back the gift of mobility even in the most trying weather circumstances.

The blade is a ski-shaped device that easily slides onto the front wheels of your wheelchair and lock into place, allowing the wheelchair user to glide swiftly over the top of the snow, much like a snow shoe, helping eliminate your wheels from sinking or sticking. You can even attach the blades to strollers and works over both snowy and icy terrain.

Fits any size wheel from 1.8 to 6cm, so you could even try them out with a walker (or other mobility equipment) with smaller front wheels.

The manufacturer explains that “in order for the ski to move in the desired direction at all times, the binding was moved to the front part of the ski. No matter where you want to go – the ski knows its way,” so there’s no worrying about getting the ski to turn in the right direction or get caught. Now that's maneuverability!

The inventor of this ingenious product is a paraplegic who has relied on his wheelchair to get him from point A to point B for over twelve years. He was frustrated that the snow he loved so much prevented him from being active and independent and was disappointed to not find any reasonably priced products that were easy to snap on and off your chair. This is how Wheelblades were born!

Check out the blades here! You can even order your own pair online.

You can research more details about the blades functionality, the inventor and even download videos of real wheelchair users demonstrating their ease of use right off their website.

Interested in ordering a pair? Wheelblades is a European-based company so search the website for a branch near your area to make sure if you order online they can be delivered to your location. They sell for about $365 per pair.

Do you think Wheelblades could help change your perception about what you can do independently during the winter months? Have you tried Wheelblades or a similar product to help increase your independence? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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