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Wheelchair Accessible Destinations: Kentucky
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Wheelchair Accessible Destinations: Kentucky

Bluegrass, fried chicken, and a Mammoth Cave. Kentucky is a state of attraction and nature. Here are three of Kentucky's most popular attractions that just so happen to be wheelchair accessible: 

Wheelchair Access- Kentucky

1) Cumberland Falls

Near Kentucky's southern border in the town of Corbin, lays Cumberland Falls. Cumberland Falls is a state park and resort that incorporates fine dining, the outdoors, and music festivals. The historic Dupont Lodge sits high above the Cumberland River. The river rushes over a boulder-strewn gorge to form the 125-foot-wide cascade known as Cumberland Falls. The Lodge offers 51 rooms, a couple of cottages, and a campground. The actives list is long but includes hiking trails, a seasonal pool, seasonal horseback riding, and fishing. I won't lie to you, accessibility seems to be a hit or a miss, judging by reviews, but according to their site, they do offer accessibility. You can read about their accessibility here in a statement on 

2) Churchill Downs

Get your large, floral, hats ready ladies, because the Kentucky Derby is coming up. Churchill Downs Racetrack is an American Icon. In Kentucky, Horse Racing can be dated back to 1789. The first racecourse was constructed in Lexington. Almost 100 years later, in 1875, Churchill Downs opened up in Louisville. The track has been labeled as the "Home of the Kentucky Derby". The track is wheelchair accessible down to seating. To get tickets and plan a trip, visit the Churchill Downs site. For more info on accessible seating, click here

3) The Ark Encounter

Noah's Ark is probably the most famous vessel to ever sail the seas. The history of the ark can be found at the beginning of the Bible in the book of Genesis, written by Moses, a Jewish Prophet from around 1391–1271 BCE. Noah's Ark is one of the most sought out relics from an ancient civilization, which is why, when the group Answers in Genesis opened the gates to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, people from all over swarmed to catch a glimpse at the life Noah and his family lived while on the ark. The Ark in Kentucky was built exactly how Noah would've built his ark, with the exception of some modern restrooms, elevators, and electricity. The blueprint to the Noah's Ark can be found in Genesis chapter 6 verses 13 to 22. The scale of the Ark Encounter in Kentucky is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high. 

The Ark Encounter is accessible to anyone who wants to visit and comes equipped with ramps, elevators, and for rent wheelchairs. Wheelchair users say that there was nothing they couldn't do while visiting the Ark. To plan a trip, and for tickets, visit the Ark Encounter's website



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