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Wheelchair Ballroom Dance Lessons
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Wheelchair Ballroom Dance Lessons

Nothing is impossible for a person who has the heart and spirit to achieve their dreams. And that is what a Michigan woman displayed when she danced ballroom while using a wheelchair.

Cheryl Angelelli, a 41-year-old woman from Michigan, had a spinal cord injury while training with her swimming coach when she was just 14 years old. She accidentally bumped her head on the bottom of the pool, which resulted in a broken neck. Since the incident, Angelelli was paralyzed from the mid-chest down.

But Cheryl is a very  determined and motivated individual. She did not let her situation get the best of her. Even after the incident, she continued to do the things she loves the most, and one of them is dancing.

When she was still a young girl, Cheryl enjoyed music. She danced with grace and joy.

Her love for dancing did not fade away after her injury. In fact, she took dance lessons in ballroom. She danced with all her heart and moved with the beat while using her wheelchair. Cheryl never felt so alive and free.

The joy and freedom she feels when dancing and her love for it gave her strength and made her more persevering and determined than ever before. And today, she is one of the most celebrated and recognized athletes who uses wheelchair.

Cheryl is now working with the Dance Mobility Program, a program dedicated to giving everyone the chance of experiencing the bliss of dancing. She teaches ballroom dancing lessons to others with disabilities and helps them with the things that she herself went through.

To Cheryl, learning how to dance has no requirement other than the love for it, starting with the soul and backed up with perseverance, motivation and determination.

On the other hand, Cheryl is not only known on the dance floor but in the sports arena as well. She is a Paralympic medal winner – winning two bronze in 2004 and two silver in 2008. She is also a World Record holder.

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