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Wheelchair Curling
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Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair Curling is a sport in the Winter Paralympic Games for athletes with disabilities affecting their lower limbs. This is governed by The World Curling Federation. This is played by people with a wide range of disabilities. The only requirement is that they need a wheelchair for mobility. 

Wheelchair Curling is played with the same rocks as regular curling, only the rocks are thrown from a stationary wheelchair while sweeping isn't allowed. Rocks are thrown by hand by leaning over the side of the wheelchair or they are pushed by a delivery stick. That's a pole with a bracket that fits over the rock handle allowing the rock to be pushed for rotation. 

Stones that are delivered between the house and the hogline, must be placed 18 inches apart of either side of the center line. Then they must be released prior to reaching the near hogline. 

National and International Competitions are played by the rules of the World Curling Federation. They mandate that the teams be of mixed gender and that the games be eight end in duration. The time limits are 68 minutes for each team with 60 second time out, enforced by the time clocks. Eligibility is limited to people with disabilities. 

Wheelchair Curling began in Europe in the late 1990s. Then it began in North America in 2002. The first championship was held in Sursee Switerland in 2002. It was won by the Swiss who beat Canada 7-6. Then it started as a Paralympic sport in 2006, at the Paralympics in Turin, Italy. Canada, skipped by Chris Daw, won the gold mental, beating Great Britain, skipped by Frank Duffy, 7-4 in the final. The wheelchair athletes have played all the Winter Paralympics, since then, in Curling. This is another good thing going on in the community, for wheelchair athletes. 

Pic: Compliments of Wheelchair Curling Paralympics

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  1. John Mark
    Susan, this is the first time that I have heard of wheelchair curling. I would love to see sports open up more for high school students in wheelchairs.
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    1. pftsusan
      There is a Coach who I know who does this and he does not take pay for it. It's not just HS students with wheelchairs, it's DMD students and other disabilites as well. They have Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. I help them with their fundraiser every Christmas.
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