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Wheelchair Dance Group that Empowers Girls Across the Globe
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Wheelchair Dance Group that Empowers Girls Across the Globe

There are various groups across the globe working hard to empower girls. While most of these groups are usually run either by the government or activists who want to make changes in society, an unconventional team of six women is empowering young ladies by traveling across the United States of America and internationally.

This Los Angeles-based team called the Rollettes to hold a summer camp every year to bring girls from all over, empowering them through dance and community. Dubbed as the Rollettes Experience, this annual summer event is unique sheerly for the method it adopts for women's empowerment.

27-year-old Chelsie Hill, who formed the group two years after meeting with an accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down says she wants to give other girls what the Rollettes was for her.

“I was a dancer my entire life, so becoming paralyzed, I really was searching for friends that were like me and that’s really how this all started,” she told InsideEdition.

She chose social media platforms for connecting with other girls with spinal cord injuries. That meetup gradually transformed into the Rollettes, which was officially established back in 2012. According to Hill, the team keeps her motivated to push forward.

Hill attributes her positive attitude to having this group of women for her entire life of becoming injured. Moreover, she says it has given her a new purpose to wake up every day as several people have now placed their confidence in her.

Conner Lundius, who also met with a car accident, joined the group four years ago. The 26-year-old gradually became a full-time member of the Rollettes. She connected with them through Instagram.

“Dance was actually the first major attraction with me with the Rollettes just because I connected to that so well,” Lundius explains.

Much to her surprise, her involvement in the group became a lot more than that. The team is helping women battle loneliness while empowering other women in wheelchairs.

Hill says it is highly recommended for people to find someone that is exactly like you as it makes you feel less alone. Furthermore, she noted that she began feeling like herself after she connected with other girls like her.

Aside from that, this helped her to go out in person and realize that she wasn't the only person others were staring at. "There was two of us or three of us," she added.

Image credit: Rollettes Experience International 2018 / YouTube Screencap

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