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Wheelchair Dancer Empowers Women During Pandemic
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Wheelchair Dancer Empowers Women During Pandemic

Chelsie Hill, the founder of the Rollettes-a dance group made up of women in wheelchairs-, and her team continues to break boundaries through dance.

Chelsie said in an interview with Yahoo Life that she feels it is important to stay active during this pandemic. The dance group, The Rollettes, is based in Los Angeles, California. With a mission to empower women with disabilities, Chelsie founded the group. Her mission is to "live boundlessly and shift perspective through dance." 

Chelsie Hill

Chelsie was a dancer her whole life. When she was a senior in high school she had gone out to a party with her friends. She admits to getting into a car with her friend who had been drinking. The teens hit a tree head-on. The accident left Chelsie with a T10 spinal cord injury. 

In the early stages of her injury, Chelsie held on to her passion for dance. 

"I reached out to girls on social media," Chelsie said, "and asked them to come and dance with me in my hometown. And that's really where all of this started was just wanting friends."

The Mission

Chelsie says that social media has helped with her mission. They are able to give out information, challenges, do Instagram Live classes. 


Not matter if you were born with your disability or you were walking before it, you have to learn to adapt to the world. And sometimes you can feel alone in the world like no one understands. For people with disabilities, it is a constant fight of many emotions in their heads. Chelsie says that it feels like nobody can relate to you.

"But then you pull up the phone, and you see all these people that are able to relate," She said, "It's like rolling into a room at The Rollettes experience where everyone is at eye level. It's just something that is just so unspoken, but it's so powerful."

Check out Chelsie's Instagram here!


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