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Wheelchair Mom Gets a Great Addition
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Wheelchair Mom Gets a Great Addition

Being in a wheelchair can be very difficult, and performing ordinary tasks in this case can be highly laborious. Physically handicapped people go through these problems on a daily basis, which inhibits their ability to perform efficiently. Disabled people also have to deal with situations that are unique to their condition, and family and friends can help them manage these problems in order to make their lives a little bit easier.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of living with a disability is becoming a parent. Parenting is already a very physically demanding job, even for people who have no physical limitations. Keeping that in mind, a disabled woman who also happens to be a mom has just gotten a great addition to her wheelchair that makes her life easier as a mother.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

When a paraplegic woman became a mother, it was almost impossible for her to take the baby around with her on her wheelchair. Seeing this, a university student designed a stroller for the baby that can be conveniently attached to the wheelchair. Now the mother can leave the house and take the baby with her. The stroller is easy to use and very comfortable for the parent as well as the baby.

The specially designed stroller is made from lightweight steel tubing, and a baby car seat fits comfortably into the frame. According to its designer, safety has been the foremost concern with this new invention. Latches attach the stroller firmly to the wheelchair, and the person operating it just has to drive and steer the wheelchair as they normally do. It is very convenient and quick to assemble.

A Breakthrough for Paraplegics

The design is still in testing phase and there is room for improvement. Alden Kane, the 16 year old student who made this special stroller, said that he spent six months designing it. It has resulted in a great addition to the wheelchair of a mom who just wishes to spend some quality time with her baby.

This special wheelchair will give a chance to disabled parents around the world to make sure that their baby receives a nurturing childhood. After receiving great appreciation from teachers, peers, and users, the boy responsible for this innovation is considering taking it to the next level. He is now looking to bring this idea out into the market so that more people can befit from it.

While the current design is still a prototype, it has shown great promise. Sharina Jones, the mother for whom this special design has been conceived, says that she is very happy with the stroller. As a mother, she defines this innovation as life-changing. The young innovator says that with modification, the design can be further improved, which will help a lot of disabled parents stay closer to their babies. If this idea catches on and gets the support that it needs, a lot more moms in wheelchairs could be getting similarly great gifts.

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