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Wheelchair Services Providers Fight Against COVID-19 Together
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Wheelchair Services Providers Fight Against COVID-19 Together

British Healthcare Trades Association

While the coronavirus continues to tighten its grip on people around the world, the media understandably doesn't have a lot of good news to share. 

The coronavirus pandemic has proved to be more arduous for those using wheelchairs, but much to the relief of differently-abled people that use wheelchairs, BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) has formed a team of UK's leading wheelchair service providers to make sure that, while the NHS is under immense pressure at the moment, the needs of wheelchair users are supported.

Weekly Conference

To ensure that wheelchair users are supported completely even under this critical situation, the association holds weekly conferences that will allow the new wheelchair group across the United Kingdom to share their experiences.

They are encouraged to discuss the challenges arising within the wheelchair service providers and how the resources can get combined to help the wheelchair users on priority.

New Wheelchair Group

This New Wheelchair Group includes the leading service providers of the UK such as Ability Matters, NRS Healthcare, Ross Care, AJM Healthcare, Blatchford, and Millbrook Healthcare. While these providers are usually competitors in the service industry, to fight against coronavirus and aid the entire nation their collaboration seems historical to many.

Additionally, they are looking forward to collaborating with other regional in-house services across the United Kingdom that will help them to mitigate problems of wheelchair users with ongoing service, deliveries, maintenance, and assessments.

BHTA Members

The aim is to achieve a national wheelchair picture that will enable all the members of BHTA in the sector of mobility that will come together to help the supply chains on the national level. This will ensure that the vital service will continue reaching the vulnerable users without fail while the NHS will successfully be able to work towards pandemic and set up new field hospitals in Manchester and Birmingham in East London.

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