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Wheelchair Superman
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Wheelchair Superman

There are a very few people in this world who get to live their life the way they planned it. In many cases, circumstances can change in an instant, causing one to reconsider how the rest of their life has to go on.

When Dallas Storer got into his third car crash and was left disabled, he had a lot of time to reflect on his life choices. Belonging to a small town named Kaitangata, in New Zealand, he decided that he wanted to be more than a man in a wheelchair. What he did next aptly earned him the title ‘Superman’ in his community.

A Story of Redemption

Dallas Storer lost his ability to walk in 1980 after he was in a car crash for the third time in his life. Storer had been drinking and lost control of the car because he fell asleep while driving. The devastating incident put him in a hospital for six months. Once he returned to the quaint town of Kaitangata, he had the drive to redeem himself and give new meaning to his life by doing something that would help his town greatly.

Turning Empty Land into Something More

Storer had the idea of turning an empty plot in the town into something that the children of the town could use. He took help from the local kids, asking them to request Murray Nyhon, a local who owned trucks in the town, for his help with the transport of gravel from a nearby mine to the plot. The idea was to turn the piece of land into a BMX track for the town’s children and teens.

The children were obviously ecstatic at the idea of having their very own BMX track in the small town. Thus, the title of Superman was given to Storer by the children.

An Idea that Grew

After taking help from Nyhon and the children, the wheelchair Superman was able to construct a BMX track. He didn’t just stay back and give orders but rather used his one good arm to help out as much as he could with the actual construction. The town was happy, the children were excited, and it seemed like Storer had achieved what he had wanted to.

But Superman had other ideas.

After the BMX track was done, he reached out to more locals and involved them in the project as well. He managed to get some funding from the local promotions group, and went on to converting the once vacant plot into a big complex consisting not only of a BMX track but also a jump park and a skate park.

The story of Mr. Storer is one full of inspiration. It is sometimes easy to lose one’s way, but to find it back after facing such adversity doesn’t happen very often. The town’s wheelchair Superman is proof that one can turn his life around, no matter what comes in the way. The once unknown teenager of the small town has now become loved by all. He has given the children something they can use for years to come, and he is sure to be remembered as the superhero who had enough courage to get something amazing done.

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  1. Raphaelle Koelpin
    I broke into tears when I saw this picture. Look at the happiness on the face of the child after getting the Superman's wheelchair. For more ideas like this check source. All the appreciate goes to you because you made that thing which pleases the child.
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  2. William Delao
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  3. Chris Williams
    This is so creative! Look at him, he is so happy! I remember having an event like this for the kids!
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