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Wheelchair User Auditions for American Idol
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Wheelchair User Auditions for American Idol

"It's time for an American Idol that isn't perfect."

Marna Michele, a wheelchair user auditioned for the hit and successful singing competition show American Idol.

Marna was born with arthrogryposis. It is a condition that causes extreme muscle weakness and joint stiffness. Marna has been unable to walk because of her condition. Lifting her arms above her head is also difficult for her.

Marna says that she realized she could sing in sixth grade and told Ryan Seacrest that she really liked the attention because it wasn't negative, it was positive. As a child, Marna was bullied. She admits that she has "day-dreamed about scoring a golden ticket" ever since sixth grade. 

Marna went in and auditioned in front of Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. Her rendition of Lady Gaga's "A Million Reasons" made her the highlight of the night.

The 27-year- old said, "Now I think it’s time for an American Idol that isn’t perfect. I have very many flaws, and I think that I would make a really good American Idol because of that." 

It is admitted that her audition wasn't perfect but she has strong pipes, a nice warm tone, expressive face, and an "incredible range" as Luke Bryan stated. Lionel Richie pointed out that she was rushing towards the big notes. 

After being critiqued by the judges, Marna received A GOLDEN TICKET! Marna says she is eager to keep proving herself and is happy that she won't get any special treatment. The judges judged her solely on her talent and didn't pity her. 

“We are going to treat you the same and put the same pressure on you and you’re going to do just fine,” Katy told her. 

Regardless of how far Marna makes it, she's already made a difference by auditioning. She explained to Ryan that growing up she never had someone in a wheelchair to look up to. She says that she wants to that inspiration for that little girl or little boy. 


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  1. 8mmideas
    i could add this gift for a friend who can't move in this moving away list. I'm moved by this post
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  2. Arnie Slater
    Arnie Slater
    Hope she sees this. You GO girl! You are Awesome
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