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Wheelchair User Priya Bhargav Shows Off Her Cooking Skills on Social Media
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Wheelchair User Priya Bhargav Shows Off Her Cooking Skills on Social Media

Apart from an artist, motivational speaker, and beauty pageant winner, there are many more talents filled in Priya Bhargava. In this lockdown period, the wheelchair user has started giving cooking classes through her Facebook page titled ‘Tutorial by Priya Bhargava’. The page was made two years back where she used upload educational videos.

The wheelchair user cooking videos have gained a lot of good responses. The success of her videos has motivated her to post more cooking videos soon.

"If you know me personally then you would also know that I am a multitasking person. I am never happy doing one thing at a time. I thought of starting this page so that I could make others learn what I know. This further motivates me. When I see my page and work, I get the motivation to do more and better," says the wheelchair user, Priya Bhargava.

Priya is the type of person that thinks that whatever she is doing it needs to be perfect. At the moment, cooking is like a meditation for her that gives her joy and peace. Till now, Priya has covered some of the delicious food items like Mint & Raw Mango Chutney, Dates and Dry Fruit laddoos, Aaloo Balls, and Paalak Paneer. Soon there will be a new tutorial video where she will show how to make Idli Cake.

Among all of her videos, the ‘Dates and Dry Fruit Laddoos’ tutorial video has been a hit and that is something that even makes wheelchair user Priya feel proud.

After Priya came to know that her mom fell ill and was not able to work like before because of the weakness in her body. Since she wanted to make sure that while her mom is sick she gets healthy and hygienic food. She decided to enter the kitchen and start cooking because she was not ready to trust anyone with her mom's health. Soon she found interest in cooking and that's how the whole story started.

Image credit: Speaking Tree/ YouTube Screencap

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