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Children in Wheelchairs Can Splash the Heat Away at Morgan’s Inspiration Island
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Children in Wheelchairs Can Splash the Heat Away at Morgan’s Inspiration Island

This summer, Morgan’s Inspiration Island took a huge step in opening the worlds's first all–accessible water park.

Creating an Inclusive Environment

According to the founders of Morgan’s Inspiration Island, this park was designed with the intention of being an inclusionary park for all people. Being aware and sensitive about how difficult life can be for people with disabilities, with regard to the time taken to travel, the additional expenditure one has to undertake and so on, Morgan’s Inspiration Island wants to provide an enjoyable, hassle-free experience to its customers.  

Getting Into the Mind of the Makers

Known to be the world’s first water park that is accessible to all, Morgan’s Inspiration Island has been designed to help those who have reduced mobility. In order to show solidarity toward creating an all-inclusive water park, people with disabilities also enjoy free entry into the park.

Being part of Morgan’s Wonderland, which was designed to be an all-accessible theme park, the water park has a good role model before it. Having started in San Antonio in 2010, by Maggie and Gordon Hartman whose daughter Morgan was found to have cognitive and physical deformities, they were keen on creating an environment where people with disabilities were not deprived of the enjoyments that able-bodied people could partake in.

After Morgan’s Wonderland, which was named after their daughter, the Hartman’s decided that an all-inclusive water park would be the next thing to add to the list.

An Insider’s Peak Into the Water Park

Situated right next to the Wonderland fishing lake, this $17m park is currently equipped with 6 major attractions including a wheelchair-accessible jungle-themed boat ride. There are also splash pads, geysers, tipping buckets and water cannons.

The park provides specially designed air-powered wheelchairs. Being lightweight, they are very convenient. Service animals and waterproof buggies are some of the other services that are available here. Even if you have sensitive skin, you have the ability to control the water temperature or lie about in quiet areas to rest.

This park is eco-friendly as it filters and recirculates the water it uses and provides wristband locators to keep track of visitors who wander around.

The CEO of Accomable, Srin Madipalli, was all praise for the Hartmans and their dedication to making this park ultra-accessible. A normal water park of this scale would normally not have many features that are available to wheelchairs users, however, this park has attained inclusivity in every facility, making it an amazing place to spend a few hours on a hot summer day.

The Hartmans insist that it is not merely a special needs park but a park meant to promote enjoyment for everyone. 

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