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Wheelchairs Fly! Conquering Air Travel
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Wheelchairs Fly! Conquering Air Travel

Taking a trip by plane can be a daunting prospect if you use a wheelchair, so here are some travelling tips which should help:

First off, when you book the ticket, make sure you tell the airline that you are flying with your wheelchair, in case anything goes wrong. Make sure that they note this down. Then at least you can say that you informed the airline you were in a wheelchair.

 It is also important to check out the lifting policy of the said airline since some may not help if you have trouble transferring, but the baggage handlers will usually help you out if you get stuck. You will not need to use escalators, since all airports have lifts. Just ask the staff where they are when you get there.

 Make sure you arrive a bit earlier than necessary, to make the check-in easier, and then you can find some porters to help you get to the Special Needs desk. Most major airports have these counters, and they should help you with your baggage through check-in, then arrange for an aisle wheelchair so that you can be wheeled to your seat on the plane. You will need to tell the check-in clerk who issues your seat number that you are unable to walk and need an aisle wheelchair to get to your seat on the plane. Also, if you can, ask for a bulkhead seat, as these have no other seats in front of them, so more room to move. If the clerk will not issue one, just tell them that you will not be able to get up to let other passengers in and out of their seats, if you are near the window. This should work!

Tell the clerk that you need to stay in your aisle wheelchair right up to the aircraft door. Your usual wheelchair will be put in the hold, so remember to get a baggage tag with a barcode on it when checking in. After landing, ask the attendants to bring your wheelchair from the aircraft hold and have it ready for you to transfer into. When you are off and get your baggage, ask if someone can help you with this and push you, as it will get you out of the airport faster! Through passport control, etc.

 If you follow this advice you should not have trouble flying with your wheelchair.





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  1. Daniel Andrei Garcia
    Daniel Andrei Garcia
    A very informative post, voted :)
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  2. Carlotta C
    Very good advice here
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  3. DanielCerritos
    I love the advices because they are actually helpful. We had a travel after my schedule at Made our travel less hassle.
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