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When You Can't Exercise
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When You Can't Exercise

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, most of my clients have some form of cerebral palsy. And many of them, have seen great results. I don’t say this to puff myself up, as a coach it’s a lot like being a motivational speaker and counselor at the same time. All while throwing in ways to better ways to improve the mind and body through fitness and nutrition. As a “fitness professional” it takes a massive amount of resolve and patience’s, because everyone is on their own journey, and have their own struggles and ups and downs. The biggest obstacle that I see among clients, isn’t so much physical but mental. I see so many people every day, that believe the lie, which says I can’t be healthy because I can’t exercise. I’m here to tell you that that is a bold-faced lie. Simply because one cannot exercise, be it from chronic fatigue or anything of the sort. It is not a direct end to your health. Understand this, exercise, even in mild or moderate forms is wonderful, it can benefit the mood, heart health, weight loss, etc. But you know what is in some ways better? Eating healthy! Guess what? Darn near anybody can do that. I am a huge advocate for low carb diets, such as Keto and Carnivore, because the aim is to take away such forms of unhealthy sugars and carbohydrates. You can do that and simply stick to adequate-protein, fruits, and greens, plenty of water. And over time you will see results I promise. There are countless stories, of people who have lost over a hundred pounds (and more) simply by changing the way they eat. With little to no exercise at all! Again, this takes time, focus and time. When we get into the swing of a new way of living and eating, it doesn’t seem so difficult anymore. The hard part is the mind, believing that you can be healthy. Believing that you are worthy of health, believing that doctors don’t know everything and sometimes are wrong. You can be healthy, you are worthy of health and the bad card of health, your doctor may have dealt you, is not always the end of the story. You are worth more than you think, your health is worth more than you think. I plead with you, not to give in so easily to the lie which says your life will always be the way it is. I’m pleading with you to fight for your health! Do you dream of being a mother or father someday? I’m sure you will want to be around to see your children grow, and I am very positive that they will want their mother or father around as well. So in order for that to happen, it requires you to be healthy. You can start that journey today!


even if all you can do is exercise while sitting in your chair, laying in bed with low amounts of weight. With some mobility and stretching it's far better than nothing at all.  

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