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When a Wheelchair Gave a Canine a New Lease on Life
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When a Wheelchair Gave a Canine a New Lease on Life

Brutus was a dog that enjoyed life to the fullest. As part of the La Crosse police force, he did well serving his masters and aiding in catching bad guys. However, tragedy reached its peak one morning when Brutus could no longer make use of his hind legs, leaving him partially paralyzed. That is until some considerate people decided to donate a wheelchair to him, which has now given him a new lease on life.    

How Brutus’ Life Changed

Brutus, canine partner of Casey Rossman, was found to have a genetic condition that prevented him from being able to use his back legs. Brutus, who was used to a life of finding drugs, criminals, and evidence, had to undergo a surgery in the month of September to fix a herniated disc in his mid-back. At the time, it was believed that he would be fit enough to get back to work within four to five weeks.

However, while Brutus was recovering from this, the veterinarians found the canine suffering from a spinal cord disorder, known as degenerative myelopathy. In March, he had to undergo another emergency surgery to treat a twisted stomach. Sadly, after that surgery, Brutus would never work again.

It was hard for Rossman to go back to work without his partner by his side. On May 16, the Agency retired Brutus, who had given almost a decade of service to the police force. It was a heart-breaking moment for all who knew the dog.

A Silver Lining to the Story

As luck would have it, this ten-year-old German Shepherd has now received a new lease on life, with a wheelchair that was donated to him by a non-profit organization.

A flicker of hope surfaced when news of Brutus reached Jason Parker of Osseo, Wis. the very next day. Parker knew he wanted to help this brave dog, given how much police dogs do for people. Manager of Gunnar’s Wheels, a non-profit organization that provides disabled dogs with wheelchairs, Parker got in touch with Rossman and within a few days, a wheelchair had arrived for Brutus.   

Recently, on a bright Wednesday morning, Brutus was seen tearing across a grass field in all excitement, with his new wheelchair aiding him in the effort to catch his much-loved baseball. His owner, a delighted Casey Rossman, could not stop himself from smiling either as he noted the excitement and life that was once again emanating from the canine.

All’s Well that Ends Well

Rossman too, has become a changed man. Accepting his dog’s plight had not been easy for him and there were a lot of days when Rossman had to struggle to accept the fact that his dog may never run again.

Now, Rossman can once again indulge his favourite buddy Brutus in a game of fetch that still gets his canine partner wagging his tail and sending sloppy licks Rossman’s way all day along. All because a wheelchair gave this police canine a new lease on life.

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