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When is The Right Time for An Eyes Test?
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When is The Right Time for An Eyes Test?

Did you know that unknowingly you expose your eyes to so much of radiation that is emitted from the television screen, mobile phones, and laptops? Well, you can't avoid any of this even though prolonged exposure to these radiations can eventually damage your eyesight. You can prevent this problem though by going for a regular eyes test in Camberwell. You will find many optometrists around, who can perform a basic eyes test, thereby helping you to maintain proper vision.

Many people are often concerned about the right time for an eye test or the right age. Compared to earlier times, children are also exposed to high screen times, which means that even they are susceptible to weak eyesight and other eye problems.

According to the estimates of Vision Impact Institute, around 60% of the world population requires vision correction and the good news is that 80% of eye problems can be sorted if you go for regular eye checkups and take basic care of your eyes. Most of the vision-related issues arise because we ignore basic symptoms.

Symptoms That Need the Attention of An Optometrist:

Here we bring you a list of symptoms which mean you must go for an eyes test regularly. Ignoring them for long can aggravate the problem and make it worse even.

1. Blurred vision - One of the common problems that people face is blurred vision. Often, we tend to ignore this and procrastinate eye tests. But, if you face blurred vision for a long time, then the problem will escalate to the next level. It means that you might be developing the problem of nearsightedness or farsightedness. If this is a temporary problem, you can give your eyes rest and keep yourself well-hydrated, but if the problem persists you will need to schedule an eye examination.

2. Difficulty working at a computer - Maybe it’s work but you really cannot ignore the fact that prolonged screen time is one of the common reasons for developing vision issues. If you are facing problem working at laptop or desktop, then you should try the 20-20-20 rule to check how bad the situation is; this rule means you need to look 20 feet way for 20 seconds after 20 minutes.

3. Regular headaches - Another symptom that is a sign of eye problem is regular headaches. If you are facing regular headaches, then it can be because of an eyesight problem. Scheduling eyes test will help you know whether or not your headaches are actually because of a vision problem. Make sure you visit the right optometrist who will do the tests and tell you the accurate result.

4. Double vision - One of the symptoms that you must never ignore is the double vision. This means that there is a problem with your eye muscle and cornea. It can get serious if you ignore so the best way out is going to an optometrist for an eyes test.

5. Seeing halos - Well, if you see halos around objects, then you are not hallucinating. It’s an indication that there is something wrong with your vision. These symptoms mean that you’ve developed night vision or cataracts. The halos will be more prominent in the dark.

Final Call

Well, these symptoms are signals that the problem is arising, but if you are not facing the problem, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need an eyes test. Going for a regular eye checkup, at least once or twice a year will help you curb the problem at the budding stage. Consulting a good optometrist is the right move here. You need to check their credentials and experience before scheduling a visit to their clinic.

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