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Where Would You Like to Roll?
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Where Would You Like to Roll?

Too often that we hear that people are not where they want to be in life. We've all set our expectations, known our limitations and grappled to fuse the two to build the ideal life. As I worked under the steely gaze of the sun a few hours ago, I began to ask myself where I really wanted to go. What was I doing with my time here on Earth? What have I done that I could truly be proud of?

These questions nagged me as the ground unleashed its scorn towards me, the puny man who wanted to reshape it. Overgrown flora clutched at my wrists unleashing hordes of insects that wishes me to just go away and leave them alone. But I carried on. I had a purpose, I had an objective, this place needed to be used for good. This place should be a place of hope. So I thought, yes, there are many people who don't like where they are right now in life. And yes, the place that I have could be something that they'd like if I just worked hard enough to fulfill its mandate and destiny. 

So I'm reaching out to the, transfer master community and to all the good people I've known online to come visit us. It may not be in tip top shape, but it could still be beautiful. That is my dream. I believe in it with all my heart and with all my soul. I work everyday despite the odds just to make it so. Come visit us wherever you are from and I'll try my best to make it worth your while. Nature's beauty deserves to be shared and I'm willing to be the man who makes it happen. 

I'm also reaching out to any good group or organization that share the same values and beliefs to use the venue that I have for your purposes. I could even let you use the facilities for free for as long as your cause is not immoral or illegal. Frankly, the potential of this place as a place for education, recreation, family time and even martial arts is something that I dream of. Sometimes, I even toy around with the idea of putting up a martial arts school.  It's just that time of the year when people are going out and enjoying themselves, so I thought why not try us. I mean our facilities are humorously dilapidated and mostly destroyed but well, you could have a picnic in the small picnic area that I made. Your kids could play in the swing and a see-saw that I have yet to make. Frankly, I just want to make sure that I'm not the only one who appreciates the beauty it once possessed. My strength and determination comes from knowing that my work is still appreciated and I do work crazy hard. Harder than most in fact and I'd hate it if I was the only one who appreciates it. 

Knock at my gate and say "Hey Danny, we know each other from or, facebook or google plus and I'll open it for you to show you around and show you the work that I am doing."  The possibility is there. 


Creative Commons Image via Flickr


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  1. pftsusan
    Danny, I can't afford the trip. I enjoyed your post and looking at the picture. Hopefully you can make this happen. Voted.
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