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Whill’s All-terrain M Is Here
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Whill’s All-terrain M Is Here

The evolution of technology is a never-ending phenomenon. The modern world has seen countless innovations take shape in almost all walks of life. Many of these innovations are driven by the need to make life easier and more efficient for the people.

Keeping in tow with the trend of further evolving inventions that were once thought of as revolutionary, Whill has brought forward a new wheelchair that aims to make life much easier for people suffering from physical disabilities. The all-terrain wheelchair, by the name of Model M, is here to ensure that people using wheelchairs never have to face limited mobility in any scenario.

Wheelchair Accessibility In Need of Improvement

It is a fact that people around the world are making an effort towards making cities more wheelchair-friendly. However, this process is slow and will likely take many years before bringing easy accessibility for wheelchair users. That is why there is a very real need for mobility devices that can allow people with disabilities to move independently. Some companies have previously taken a shot at evolving the wheelchair, and many of them have been successful to an extent.

However, even with the automation of wheelchairs, there still remain some big hurdles for the people using them, especially when special scenarios like climbing up a ramp or going over rough surfaces are taken into account.

A Revolution in Personal Mobility

This is where Whill’s all-terrain Model M wheelchair comes in. It promises to enable wheelchair users to navigate through difficult terrains, thanks to its omni-wheel design. The machine also boasts seriously strong build, allowing for longer durability. The company is aiming the wheelchair at patients with sclerosis and injuries of the spinal cord, who want a machine they can use both inside and outside their homes.

The design of the machine allows it to be stored in a similar amount of space as required by other wheelchairs. Users can move the wheelchair around at three different speeds, and also make it completely stationary to keep it from moving around if someone bumps into it by accident.

Exciting Plans Ahead

Whill’s new all-terrain Model M won’t just allow people to move across multiple kinds of terrains. The company is also planning to evolve their design further by allowing it to operate autonomously. This might, in future, make the wheelchair the perfect choice for people suffering from conditions like tetraplegia. Whill is also working on a mobile application for their wheelchair. This will allow users to control their machines remotely as well, making its navigation safer in certain situations.

The wheelchair was shown off at CES in Las Vegas this year, when Danielle Kent, the director of product marketing at the company, rode her wheelchair across a ramp that had a 3-inch bump in front of the incline. The wheelchair was seen easily crossing over the bump and moved onto the ramp with ease. Then, she took her wheelchair from the ramp onto a path covered with stone to showcase its usability in multiple kinds of environments. Only time will tell whether the Model M is a hit or a miss among consumers once it hits the market. However, it does seem like Whill has successfully created a design that allows people to use just one device for their mobility needs across multiple terrains.

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