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Who Knew: The Secret Awesomeness of Service Dogs
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Who Knew: The Secret Awesomeness of Service Dogs

Who knew a Chihuahua could be such a great service dog! My dog Kiki is awesome. He opens the door, retrieves my cell, and reminds me to take my meds. He also is a fierce protector.

Kiki is so good at shopping, he rides in the electric carts. Somehow he can tell when someone is disabled.  I remember the first time we took him shopping. He was riding in the cart when a young girl with Down’s Syndrome ran up and started to pat him. He did not do his usual growl. Usually he growls when he’s working, so people know not to pat him. But on this day he just sat there then looked at me as if to say "Mommy I know she’s disabled." It touched my heart so much that he would do that. He doesn’t really like children. He tolerates them, but is skittish with them. He does well with most seniors, but there are a few he just doesn’t care for. For being a small dog, he is one of the best service dogs I have seen.

Kiki was even welcomed to visit me in the hospital when I had my last relapse. He just laid there in bed with me. He let the nurses and doctors do what they needed, he just made sure that they did not hurt me.

Kiki and I have been through so much together over the last five years of his life. He had a tough start. His mama was going to let him die. Well, I decided that I would hand raise him. He rode around in a washcloth in my sports bra to keep him warm! I carried a bag with his bottles everywhere we went. As he grew, I wrapped him in a baby blanket and carried him everywhere. So I am the only Mama he has ever known. We understand eachother in a way no one else could.

Yes, he is spoiled, and he even receives a lot of stuff. It's everything from clothes to toys. A lot of this might be unnecessary stuff that other dogs don’t get, but he is like my baby, as well as my service dog. This dog that will be with me until he dies of old age. Even then, he will be in my arms. While Kiki may be a little over weight, he is healthy, he is happy, and that’s all a mama could ask for.

My little Kiki may not be a typical service dog, but he is so intelligent that I was able to teach him things most Chihuahuas would not do. Then again, most of his fellow Chihuahuas are raised by their doggy mothers. Kiki was raised human. He even watches our church services. We watch them on my computer every Sunday together with my husband.

I can tell which pastor's voice he likes best. When it comes to one person in particular, Pastor Matthew St. John, he will sit and watch the whole service! For the others, he sits for a while then leaves. He actually loves the music part of our worship service and he always stays for that. I think he loves to listen to our worship leader Andy Kveren as much as I do.

Todd and I treat Kiki like our son. He gets birthday and Christmas presents and even Easter gifts. In place of candy, he gets clothes and puppy treats. All I can say is, he's part of the family and we love him very much.



Check out the video of fellow Chihuahua service dogs below.

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  1. Tara Richardson
    Tara Richardson
    Service dogs are wonderful. My Dudley goes everywhere with us. He's a Shih Tsu .. We travel a lot and they remember us look forward to our visit, when we don't go they ask my Boyfriend, where's Dudley, not where's Tara, where's Dudley .. LOL I love your little angel.. :) Dog are gifts from heaven. Any pet is a gift from heaven in my opinion
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  2. tinglemeyer
    I have kiki and my cat topanga
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  3. pftsusan
    Good post. I'm checking into my cat for a therapy cat.
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    1. tinglemeyer
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  4. Dan Cypress
    Service dogs are actually angels sent from above! We actually welcome all dogs at
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